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My Boring Journal
My journals are either about boring s**t or have info on my weird outfits/characters.
Clam Alien Info
Katy Clam, aka Katy, is my clam girl, and is a member of a pearl making clam people race.

Her race is amphibious, able to live both in and out of the water. One could technically stay on land or in the water forever, but they like to visit both. They make pearls randomly from seemingly nothing, and usually just spit them out wherever they are. On their planet, pearls mean nothing since there are so many of them, but on nearly every other planet, pearls are valuable, expensive, and rare. Many races love the clam people and have set up many successful trade routes with them, since the clam people have a huge abundance of pearls just lying around. However, when they're just walking around on the streets of another planet and they spit out a pearl or 2, frenzies are quite common. Thankfully the clam people are quite durable and hard to kill, let alone injure.

They make buildings and clothing with pearls, and even make some of the universes most popular art pieces with pearls and things from the sea. They honestly don't think it's that great, since they have so many damn pearls it's not even funny.

More about Katy: Katy is on a research mission, and is also trying to set up some trade routes on whatever-planet-gaias-on. The clam people empire is thinking of setting up a massive trade route with this planet, and they want ANYTHING that's not a pearl, since they're making more pearls than ever, much to their distress. So they sent Katy down to research the planet and see what they have. Katy might just stay on this planet, since she's sick on pearls. Like a hypocrite, however, she wears a pearl necklace, made with peals she coughed up. She wears the necklace for good luck. The rest of her outfit is just a spacesuit that other races consider "racy". Her race doesn't wear much clothing, and she's in fact one of the few who do, so she honestly doesn't see what the big deal is.

Also she has a pet black grunny that resides on her shoulder most of the time. Sometimes it escapes, but not usually.

And now u kno.

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