Sorry if this journal entry seems serious, guys! D= But, its purpose is to deliver info to those of you who are interested in my writing. I get asked a lot of questions, so here is the update on my hard drive, which all my old info was on.
A while back, my dog accidentally pulled my laptop off my bed. When it hit the floor, the screen when black, with a strange train-track type pattern going across the lower screen. It was unable to load Windows. I bought a new laptop, barren of my old info. Without the first large portion of the novel I'm currently working on, I continued writing it. The novel is Phobia, its been in conception for years, and holiday season 2013, I started actually planning to write the story. I started writing it in either late 2013, or very early 2014. It's been about half a year since then. The first half of that half year was spent writing the chunk that was left on the hard drive of the broken computer. Finally, I had a professional look at the hard drive. I waited about two weeks, and finally heard back from him, yesterday.
The hard drive is completely destroyed, and all my information is obliterated along with it. None of it was backed up, in email, or anything. So, the first massive chunk of Phobia is obliterated, along with the entire story of "Marionette", as well as "Scissors", I believe. Not to mention the other side stories I had written, and the thousands of files I'd accumulated over the years.
I couldn't give up on Phobia now. It means way too much to me. This is my most important story yet. I will rewrite Phobia. As for the other works, they're gone. I guess I learned the tough way, that I should be backing this information up. Countless hours of writing, imagining, explaining, all just burned away like nothing. But... there is a bright side. And, that's the fact that I could never give up on Phobia, and that I remember everything that happened. I spent literally all night tonight (it's 9:10am) rewriting the beginning of Phobia. I rewrote about... I'd say 1/10 of the missing chunk. But, the reason it hurts so bad is not because of how much is missing, but just... the feelings that I had while writing it. I'll rewrite it, but it will feel different. Anyway... Phobia is being reconstructed. It's better than ever, but I will always miss its origins, that I lost on that hard drive. And, I am very upset about my other stories. "Marionette" was a very beautifully dark fiction story that's completely gone.
I have the hard drive at my father's house. I'm going to go pick it up later today (it's 9:10 am, so saying tomorrow wouldn't be correct). I'm going to keep it, even if the info is inaccessible... I guess just thinking that the info is in there makes it feel a little less painful.