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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
anime expo~
i went today > w < but only for one day D; first day. yeah. couldnt get a 4 day pass >;U i was there from 7:30 ish in the morning till 7 pm

so anyways, it was pretty cool x3 i was all fangirling over the cosplayers, like going all omg ghsldkfjsdlfk thats an epic cosplayer right there XD lol. there were also other ppl dressed up as lolitas or schoolgirls or wearing animal ears and tails. i just wore my cat ears and tail there and brought my teddy bear along =w=

most of the events i went to were anime screenings (episodes 1-3 of an anime) and amv screenings XD except... the animes were english dubbed </3 im just like omg that just killed like half the magic of anime x.x but i still watched it anyways. death note and durarara XD death note was so cool ;O durarara was surprisingly funny and epic too. the amv's were pretty cool xD especially the funny ones

oh, omg i forgot to mention something important ;O i was also meeting up with one of my gaia friends there ^^ i only got to see him for like 6 seconds though >;U stupid parents...they got in the way. anyways, the first time was outside the exhibit hall. i had a tiny mini chat and huggled him >w< unfortunately my parents saw him at the last second so its like ugh D; but yeah. i saw him again outside the amv room. i only smiled and waved to him a bit and he could only smile back at me. im like ;w;... </3 why do my parents have to be sitting right next to me... -wouldve chatted with him and huggled him and stuff if they werent there-

so yeah, thats pretty much how it went x'3 good things and bad things. mostly good/ okay though lol. well then, bye~

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