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She tattood a heart on her hip.
Oh, empty.
"I know you better," I said,
as she told me what her life's been, lately.
"You can't be bitter.
This is real life, now,
don't play pretend."
Turned vulgar!
Was it because she had travelled
so long without me?
Keeping all the wrong company.
Using promising substances?
Their promises are only temporary.
"Look at me. Learn from me!"
Unsaid aloud because I could see
in her aware yet avoidant stares,
those words were not necessary.

Looking back on a cabinet of gin
we mixed with coffee.
Cigarettes-- filterless, 3 AM conversations
Garage floor, trampoline
Blacklight neon bedroom scene
Sleeping in the same bed for days or weeks
made you the same as a sister to me.
High regard, yes.
Higher expectations.
I just love who I know you are.
Respect your body. I know
you're lonely,
but it makes you less lovely.
I'm sorry.
It's your own soul you're charring.