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Idea book
just random toughts stories , what ever
There is a rule about key's they always have a matching door, There was a time before her grandmother died that she told Mari the family's lagicy was to be a keeper of the locked places , asking the old woman why they should have to guard keys the woman just shook her head and said " because some places needed to be guarded and some darkness should never be allowed to see the light , there job was given to them by a old Sidhe and that before the lady of the hill left they were given a copper key to be handed down to the worthy members of the family . it would open a lock to a new life or a old one ... "

Maria had never forgotten those words and even tough she no longer believed them she kept the key on a silver chain around her neck .

it was by chance really a shortcut to get home before the nastiness of the night came out , before by the old accords her kind would be food for the betters of her world . a stumble on a lose stone that had been there a second before left the girl face first the key on the ground the chain broken and a door leaning agenst a building that had not been there a moment before .

despite herself Mari got to her feet and picked her key up looking at the door in the fading light of the sun she studied the door and it's lock before shrugging and like she had done for years she put key to lock not expecting anything but unlike the hundreds of times before they key turned and the door unlocked ...

" great " she murmured " our fortune is a broken old door thanks g...grand mother ... " she said with a sigh feeling foolish for believing the hype ... for believing the story's of a old woman clearly off her nut . until she noticed the door was getting glowing around the edges and as if she had done it before she opened the thing and stepped inside with out even thinking about it .

inside the door the sounds of many peole talking and the smells of food and smoke over took Mari and she looked around before looking down noticing in this place her urban clothing had been replaced with something a Disney princess might have worn in the old cartoon movies all silk and frills , opening her mouth she took a breath before one of the bar maidens walked over to her placing a glass of whiskey in her hand " drink it down love it will help " Looking at the amber colored brew she drank the entire glass in one go wanting to scream at the fire rushing down to her belly , laughing the maiden took the glass replacing it with another glass " before ya start going on bout what is this place let me explain . this is a way house , your a keeper of the keys so that kinda makes you our boss cuz there were only three of them ever made the otter two are missing . this is a place fer people who don't belong in one place or an nutter some choose to live 'er some are moving from one place to anutter some work here others pay fer there meals an drink with story's it be simpler fer you in time now Mina welcome home ... " Maria blinked twice drinking down the second glass of brew " my name is not Mina it's Maria " the maiden just chucked " your memories are locked up tight as a drum but they will come back ... Mina ...

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