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Slave's Journal
I promise it is good stuff if your kinky.
Quotes from a naughty story:
"The only hope he wants her to have is hope that she pleases him."

"She will hit bottom, transitioning into a blubbering piece of nothingness, unable to think or make a single decision, totally dependent on her Master to tell her what to do next."

"Then and only then can he re-shape her into his slave, his slut, his personal whore."

"Time has taken its toll, her mind nearly devoid of even a single remnant of her previous life."

"The growing inability to think straight or logically is hanging by a tenuous thread and her above average intelligence makes her keenly aware that this is happening. Yet she is helpless to stop this torturous descent into an inner world where animalistic needs, raw animal lust takes precedence even above her need for food and water."

"This is real life and he is going to change her reality to his."

"For that stubborn streak she has in her, he will keep her sexually deprived and continue her audio reconditioning for several more hours."

"Soon, very soon, she will have a constant blazing in her c**t, an unquenchable hunger for pain equal to her thirst for pleasure."

"Lust will rule her universe and drive her to perform unspeakable acts. Her mouth and c**t will drool with oceans of liquid in anticipation of being used."

"A yearning for her new life to begin takes root deep in her psyche."

"She is completely at his mercy such is the control that he has systematically taken from her."

"Is she ready to declare that she is nothing without her Master? It certainly is about damn time, the stubborn b***h."

"She has absolutely zero thoughts going through her mind. She is a puppet, his puppet, and has totally surrendered to him."

"She aches for his touch, a human touch, even though it hurts, even though out is utterly humiliating, she is grateful he has decided to touch her."

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