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Day Eight
Day 8 June 19th 2014

Dear Readers,

I spent the first 5 hours of today watching Orange is the new black & dicking around online.
I fell asleep and woke up to my Mother demanding that I get up, to help her order something of the internet.

I did absolutely nothing except d**k around today online.

Well that and I finished writing the 3rd chapter of “Normal Again” which is a Legend of Korra fanfiction I started writing in 2012 for shits and giggles. I don't really know why I started it but it got WAY more attention than I realized it would. It's a Mako/Tahno fic.
The reason I picked it up again was because someone had encouraging words, and it reminded me that I was even writing it to begin with. I think as a show of consistency I'll practice releasing a chapter once a week at least, that’s enough time to write and edit and final draft a chapter I think.
I don't really take my fanfiction writing that seriously but it's something. It's like a hobby really.
A really gay hobby.

I realized today that I haven't set my laptop to Alaska time and I have been recording all my hours on PST instead of in the current time zone I'm in. I think I'll keep it this way but I've been more confused than usual about the time of day.

With much love.