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Video points to serious damage to Fukushima reactor
Video footage introduced Thursday simply by Tokyo Electricity Co. revealed two substantial leaks of radioactive drinking water coming from certainly one of your reactors in the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

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The images associated with reactor No. 1 were obtained using a video camera attached to a remote-controlled robot, since the plant's interior remains far as well dangerous for humans.

TEPCO's video exhibits drinking water via one leak dripping on the facet with the reactor's compression chamber to end up being able to form a new pool around the building floor.

The origin involving the second leak is a breach inside a pipe whose original function ended up being to collect dew condensation around the containment vessel.

Reactor No. one suffered any partial meltdown right after Fukushima had been devastated by a March 2011 earthquake as well as subsequent tsunami.

Leaks were detected earlier from reactors two and also 4.

Fukushima can be presently spilling about 300 tons regarding radioactive drinking water each day in in order to the Sea as TEPCO prepares for that challenging along with hazardous task regarding removing gasoline rods in the damaged reactors. EFE