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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
cake and stuff > w <
today was the last day of school x3 nothing really that special tbh, or at least, it didnt really feel like it to me this year ;o idk why

but aaaannyyways, i have cake > w < its just sitting there next to me along with some pocky. i decided to buy them at the grocery store just for the fun of it. they were cheap anyways x'D lol =w= its strawberry pocky and a small triangular slice of lemon cake. i wouldve bought the mocha cake, but then it was like one layer of mocha, one layer of green flavor thingy ;o i was like o.o nahhhh x'D

lol XD so my mom reminded me that its my brothers bday soon (in like a week from now) and if i wanted to give him a gift or anything, or just buy a cake for like 10 or 20 bucks. and i was like ;O cake XD and started to wonder if i should bake one or not. should i? ;o idk. ive never baked a cake before, but itd be fun. plus, theres a first time for everything. its fun to try to cook/ bake new things XD

oh and just a while ago, i took the cherries in the fridge and melted some chocolate and then dipped them in there =w= i left the stems on and the seeds still inside, and theyre normal cherries, not maraschino (sugar glazed) cherries, so meh. still tastes good though XD unfortunately i couldnt really dip apple slices in chocolate since i kinda ran out of chocolate before i could get there... ;w; ... but oh well x'D lol. and then i decided to share some with my family (mainly because my parents will yell at me if i dont. frigging communists. lol jk =w= but srsly, sometimes i think theyre like communists) and my mom only took an apple slice, and my bro only took one cherry. one </3 out of like... idk how many, but a lot DX it makes my food (and me) feel rejected ;u; so i just put them in the fridge.

well other than food stuff to talk about, theres also school stuff even though school just ended. i got a summer assignment from my next years english honors class DX its to annotate a book and write a paragraph about one of its themes x.x i dont like honors or ap classes tbh. the only reason i take them is bc im pressured to. asian parents and stuff. so i dont really have a choice, whether i want to take the class or not. which means i dont get electives until two years from now DX its not fun at all x.x well, actually, theres one ap class that im excited to take. ap spanish. but its in my final year of high school so thats still a long way to go.

yesterday, or two days ago, i found out which room my spanish teacher is gonna move to next year >w< hes taking my brother's spanish teacher's room (since shes moving to teach at another school), so i just decided to ask my bro which room she was in =w= lol xD so next year, ima just crash through the door and be like heeeeeyyyyyy XD lol jk =w= id just stop by to say hi and chat for a while XD although srsly, if i did actually crash in and stuff he wouldnt mind XD hes just chill like that xD its epic =w=

so much typing though ;o oh well, bye then~

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