Love Comes In Many Forms

In the kingdom of Altierae, a prince resides, aided by his personal Maid at all times. She had been with him for three years, both caring for each very much. However, neither have ever spoken to each other about. However, the prince, Valaeus, had been planning on telling her soon, and showing her his passion for her. But.. there's a slight problem. His mid has something... extra, that she doesn't wish others to know. She's actually a hermaphrodite (shemale). Especially not the prince, lest he hate her for her 'special feature'. yes, little does she know, he wouldn't mind this about her, he would accept her no matter what. What will befall these two? Will they be with one another as they wished? Or will the two remain silent of their feelings?

(If you're interested, just send me a pic of your RPC, what kind of RPC you would prefer me to play, and I'll make a starter for the RP. Any race is welcome. :3)