So tonight I went shopping at Savers (second hand store) for work clothes bc of new sales rep. job and I read in the handbook no spaghetti straps and I don't even know why... I can't have a noodle sized strap showing but two finger's width is okay... Whatever; It's supposed to be "business casual" so I thought dresses may be nice but conveniently they were all spaghetti straps or tube top WTF and I wished somebody would just tell me to calm my tits so I could be like NOOoOo

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Girls at work break the dress code anyway. I wish I could just wear yoga pants to work but I bet my butt is too fantastic and "distracting" for that to work out.

Anyway, shopping is weird. Especially in weird stores selling low budget generic second hand clothing. As I browsed through the sea of materials this super crappy song played over the loudspeaker with some dude whining about how he was cheated on to pop music background beats, and then it dawned on me... That crap was not playing on an ordinary radio station, it was probably hand picked for a playlist to entice shoppers to buy as much as possible... "I'M SO SAAAAAAD GUUUUURL WHY YOU GOTTA GOOOOOOO LIKE THAAAAT" *HEAVY BREATHING* It crossed my mind that I didn't want to buy a crap load of clothes BEFORE... "GUUUUURL!!!!!" But NOW... Now I'm going to dish out $200 in sales on this and maniacally break the dress code tomorrow get fired apply to savers and be a 12 hour working manequin standing perfectly still next to the dressing rooms displaying a neon yellow tube top dress with "cirque du soleil" finger painted and peeling off the front. FOREVER... "WAAAIIIIIII"

I talked to one of the employees who seemed cool, about how the walls of weird high heeled 15 strapped sandal shoes in there terrified me and I felt bad for him probably memorizing the lyrics to the two different playlists the store selected for shoppers and arranging the racks of second hand "shoes" from 'extremely uncomfortable yet advertised in cosmo mid-90's' to 'totally dysfunctional as a shoe and... wait is that a shoe or did the flying spaghetti monster just give birth to a strap-on theater stage made of basket weaving on my feet?'.

So do you like to shop at Savers?