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The beginning of Ramona Flowers (cosplay, yippee!)
So I just got the tights in today while I was volunteering at the library, and I tried them on once I got home, they're perfect. I also bought the socks my sister needed for her Dipper Pines cosplay, they came in today also.
I started to feel a little chilly, so I ran to get my yoga zip up hoodie that's grey, my mother bought it for me years ago. As I was putting it on, I was thinking "Wow, this is actually a really good hoodie. I've never noticed how much it fit, it's shape fitting without being tight or uncomfortable. It's not too hot, I even wear this hoodie in the summer." and that's when it hit me. This jacket is the perfect jacket for my Ramona Flowers cosplay, I'll be saving money, and all I have to do is dye it royal blue. :3 I've dyed clothes before, so it shouldn't be too hard. I dyed my white jeans beige for my Jack Frost cosplay, then I cut it up to the mid calf, hot glued on some straps at the end of the legs like he has, and voilĂ ! Jack Frost's pants. So Ramona Flowers' hoodie should be easier, luckily. So the boots, tights, hair, and hoodie are done. I just need the lipstick, jacket, t-shirt, bag, and skirt. :3 Phew.

This is going by quicker than what I thought, maybe because I don't feel pressured and only have 1 week left. Last year, I started working on my Jack Frost cosplay ONE WEEK before the con. ******** ridiculous, I know. But I got it done, and people loved my cosplay. Hey, maybe I can even try to work on the Rei cosplay...? Maybe. D; Hopefully. I really want to do it.

Oh yeah, and for my Jack Frost cosplay, I only had a total of 4 hours of sleep in 4 days. I stayed up very late the night before/day of the con making the hoodie, I didn't make it, I just added the details he has on his jacket. Snowy look/little icicles or whatever they were, maybe it was just supposed to be how his jacket looked. And I started adding the snowy look to the jeans but then I was really sleepy, so I slept for an hour and then I woke up to finish it, it was still a little wet when I arrived to the con lol. My Mother helped my hot glue the straps onto the jeans while I was applying more fake snow for the snowy look. I was wearing the jeans at the time and she even accidentally burned me with the hot glue accidentally. xD OH yeah, and I wore nude flats, flats always hurt my feet and give my blisters, but that's only if I wear them a lot. I wore the shoes from 7am Friday, until 3am Saturday. Yeah..... my feet were hurting so bad, I had horrible blisters, I could barely walk, I almost cried due to the pain. All because I thought people would want me to be realistic as possible, so I wore the nude shoes so it would look like I wasn't wearing shoes, and so I could easily take them off and pose for photos if anyone wanted me to take the shoes off, no one did lol. So I wish I didn't wear them, because they hurt so much. Especially walking down a staircase to go to the showing they held at 1am of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So much pain. D;

Anyways, luckily I'm going to be wearing only comfortable shoes this time. My combat boots for the Ramona Flowers cosplay, and if I do cosplay as Rei, I'll wear, well I don't know, but I know I'll wear something comfortable. o-o

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