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well, I got a big "surprise" today.
I found out that the kid that sits in front of me in my government class had a crush on me. But the thing is, today is the last day of high school and we're going to different colleges. Odds, are we're never going to see each other again. Since we weren't that close to begin with, I don't have any of his contact info to keep in touch with him.
Oh well.
I honestly, didn't know how to feel. This is going to sound really mean, but this kid is the complete opposite of attractive. He's overweight, balding, blind, and grey. Kind of like a teenage old man. He kind of smells funny too. But I was actually cool with him! He's a funny guy and I kind of had a hunch that he liked me for a while. Since this is the first time someone had actually had a crush on me (that was confirmed), I didn't know how to react. Let's face it, all girls want someone tall, dark and handsome. But this kid is nowhere close. To be honest, I never really had high standards and I usually don't mind someone's weight. But when I actually found out for sure that he liked me, I started to have my doubts. Honestly, right now, I still don't know how to feel.
Should I feel sad that I'll never see him again? Should I feel happy that it's "better to have loved than not loved at all?" Could this scenario be categorized under "the one that got away?"
idk what to feel. And that's not a feeling I enjoy.

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