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I figured I'd move this fairly detailed "about me" thing. But anyway, I guess this will be a good read for anyone interested in learning more about me. I'm hoping to find a good friend or whatever by posting this, seeing as how I rarely actually talk to anyone here, and I seem to post less and less in the forums.

But anyway, my name is Rodney (lol username). I'm a twenty-four year old single male that probably spends too much time sleeping and generally lazing about when I'm not at work. When I'm not working or sleeping, you can probably find me watching some random movie on Netflix or reading about some new computer part, video game or cell phone. So yes, I am very tech focused (I.E. "Techie", not Trekkie). That and listening to music.
Movie-wise, I'm into older psychological/supernatural horror/thrillers and old monster movies. As far as video games are concerned, I play a few video games every now and then. In more recent times, I've played and completed BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Saint's Row the Third and Forth and Borderlands 2. There are some others too which I can't remember at the moment. I like the idea of being able to stream my gameplay to someone willing to watch me die repeatidly and not complain. lol

As far as my personality? Well I'm pretty introverted (look it up. It has nothing to do with being shy, awkward or whatever else you may think it means), but I'm really talkative for the most part and a tad on the sarcastic side. Basically, I'm really playful and I tend to talk a little fast and loud when I get excited.

What do I look like? Just like my avatar. No, I'm joking, but I don't have any photos linked here. Why? No reason. I'm just not a huge selfie taker. I never really cared for pictures in genearl to be honest. But if you're interested, I'd be more than happy to show you a picture or two (or ten!) of myself. What I DO like, however, are videos! I have a video of myself linked in my profile, so feel free to check it out.

What else..what else..Oh yeah, so music? I have horrible taste in music. Basically, I don't listen to rock, J-Pop or whatever else the majority of people here listen to. All you need to know is that we probably won't have similar music interests!
One potential deal-breaker is that I don't play League of Legends or Minecraft, nor do I care much for The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Video Game "Let's Play's", (most) Anime, politics, religion or whatever else.

As far as what I'm looking for on Gaia or whatever; I'd like for someone that I can stay in contact with. I mean, we don't have to talk constantly throughout the day, everyday, but every now and then would be nice. I'd like to think that I can maybe find someone to pursue a relationship with later on, but that'd probably be asking too much anyway.
What I'm not looking for; Someone that can't hold a basic conversation or generally always responds with short and one-worded replies. I'm not asking for much; Just at least put forth an effort to keep the conversation going. I'm not going to be doing all the work here. lol Other than that, I'd rather not waste both of our time if you're going to talk a handful of times and then stop replying..Or if it takes you all day and night to reply. If you're busy (or I'm busy), that's completely understandable, but it's kind of ridiculous if it's a common occurrence.

Also, as far as ways to stay in contact with me; I have this Gaia account, Skype and a cell phone. I also recently remembered my Kik account information so maybe I'll start using that again.

There were some other things that I planned on adding, but I kind of forgot. If I remember, I'll edit it in later.

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