So everything blew up in my face, but in a really good way. Story time!

I've been waiting on the funds from my school for a goodly while now, and today they were still not in (not to mention that the amount I was promised is already lower because the school decided to pay for my credits a month early). So now I'm sitting here with a non-refundable ticket to Spain, and absolutely no money to live on when I get there. I may be an idiot, but I'm still not stupid enough to get on a plane with no money for a foreign country. Better yet, my school completely shuts down during the weekends, meaning there was nobody there today to answer my questions about when (if ever) the money would actually be put into my bank account.

After getting home and bawling like a child about it, I finally talked to my mother and we worked out what to do. I was able to move my departure to the 25th, and my Mother's brother actually sent me the full amount the school was offering (with the very reasonable expectation that he be paid back when I return). Now I have a week and a half longer to rest, pack, and plan my trip.

And the best part is that the funny "I don't wanna go" feeling is gone. I'm finally excited, just like I should be.