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Are you trying to figure me out, princess?~* Or.. -leans towards- do you wish for me to write about you? ♡ ;)
current avatar cosplay

Uwaa. I hardly keep up with the man who provided me with my beautiful voice,

but given that Father's Day was yesterday

(I'M SORRY, I WAS OUT Q A Q;; Father actually had time..for dinner -pouts- a-and then Antoinette wanted to play and so did everyone else during school!


and I have self-confidence, I thought about changing my profile song in self-celebration ;o
I'm keeping it the same but I cosplayed with the items I own.

There are THREE BACKGROUNDS 8DDD (Yes, really! I tried it and it didn't get removed!!)

I'm happy I could pull it off! It's like magic. I didn't expect it!

Oh, and it looks so cool! -spins around once before posing at a few angles-
Isn't it? With the backdrop, the chair, the smoke~ It is hot in herree! ;D

...No, really, s-someone retrieved the fire
extinguisher, we made a mistake on set;;.

Everyone, don't play with fire. Listen to your parents! It hurts!!; -bandages-...
(smoking clothes seems like a good challenge though until you stop, drop, and roll like sushi)

-never lit a match before-
I thought it was cool -rubs the back of his head-
But being the careless idiot I am, I manage to do
something wrong and make people laugh and worry...

Ah, yes, here is the song! (lyrics)

I would have dressed Tamaki in white but it was too difficult.

Too many clothes.
This guy has too many clothes.

(HEY) -not going to argue with self-
^Tamaki resents it. -places his hand on his own chest, solemnly nodding-
A part of me does too. -understands- Because we only have
so much for you and for the finished cosplays.

In other news, Happy FIFA World Cup watching!

I tried to make a sexy avatar. How does he look?

My beauty can't be transferred well via pixels. Sorry to disappoint the bytes who must watch from afar..

Black, admittedly, looks horrible on him this time, but I wanted to cosplay too...
I had to choose one.

Ah, sorry. //;

I'm being inappropriate. (song choice)

He really looks like he woke up from the dead.

B-But... ;; That's not the effect I wanted!

-calls his best friend-

Kyoyaaa. Gaia's being difficult again!
Call the manufacturer! Designers! Someone!

A MAN TO HAVE THE RIGHT GAZE? It is life or death!!

^ overreacting out of boredom and -pats Kyoya- I miss him. smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

-holds up his index finger- But, really, it is important to have the correct facial expressions in a social environment and the dating process of courtship.

*blah blah blah, he continues on with things no one else really cares so much about in comparison*

The only reason I was against there existing two muns was it is important you don't feel hurt Tamaki's not "real" but since you can see him when I talk, you don't really lose him so I can say hi!

Previous avatar, matching the twins because you provoked my competitive side.

Tsk -dodges the shots- Are you even looking from behind there!?
Fight your King properly out in the open!

Two against one isn't fair either. Haruhi, Kyoya, join me!

I need my squire and my knight in the battlefield you infested
with dangerous animals, THOSE TWO INCLUDED.


-stops joking around-

...I should go.

But here. I hope this...is all right. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif if anyone misses me.

I want summer break.

And nabe.

Kyoya owes me nabe. I must experience the glorious restaurant and not the picture you sent.

No, I know what you'll say!

"I owe you nothing." -almost embarrassed/humiliated-

-trembles, leans forward-
Damn you... (where the hell did you go off thinking you're allowed to treat me like this?? -genuinely confused-)

Take responsibility for my obsession as my best friend, please 8D -still looking forward to nabe someday-

Right, right?


Because it was lunch time and for the ladies, bear bread!

[disclaimer: Tamaki-mun is not held liable for any "damage" or infatuation he caused in this entry. He was just having fun, not trying to be someone he's not, no colour change.]

I like what I cleverly created though. Water is good for you ;D and the knight is an old entry reference but a true title. Is Tamaki lucky to have my brain? Are we lucky to find each other? I'm a lucky person while he has good luck as part of his personality. Too much charm for one body to handle at the same time lol.

-briefly sulks before moving on with things he has to do-
I really wanted sexy eyes. (But my items...)

I tried my best. The thought counts. (They'll understand me.)

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