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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
bad luck? DX
so i broke a mirror. D; that pretty much explains everything im about to write ;o

so like yesterday at around 12 ish AM, my mom was like go to sleep and stuff. im just sitting there thinking ugh why do i have to go to sleep early on a weekend? im not even that sleepy.

then after a while i just get annoyed and im like -ragequits- fine. sheesh. idgaf. and i had my mirror on my drawer when i closed it. so it fell off and broke. and im just sitting there like ... ugh. -picks up shards and puts it on desk- ... -also gets a bit paranoid that ill get 7 years of bad luck-

idk if it counts as breaking two mirrors, but it was a double sided mirror. yeah... so i kinda broke two pieces of glass rather than one. im not sure if it counts as one mirror or two. DX

so later that day my mom just took my mirror shards and threw them away. her excuse is that its "dangerous." most of the shards are pretty big and not that sharp. plus, who cares if its dangerous? what does she even know? like srsly, i have a razor blade, two pairs of scissors, and a ton of sewing needles in my room. does it even look like im bleeding to death or anything? no. sheesh. plus, theres also tons of medicine and knives outside in the kitchen too. so i could do a lot more worse and "dangerous" things than just friggin looking at mirror shards. if i wanted to. i wont though. but srsly. wtf.

and then since yesterday (when i broke the mirror and stuff), i got nightmares/ creepy/ sad dreams. and my leg's been hurting. although i blame that on the pe substitute i had on friday, who just so happens to be the basketball coach at our school, who is really strict on exercising. so yeah. but as for the nightmares and stuff... well idk if i can blame those on the pig dissections on friday, but i probably cant since i barely even saw anything. -was sitting back the entire time and stuffing my jacket into my face- and the dreams are about totally unrelated things to that anyways.

but really though, pig dissections were creepy x.x i had two creepy members in my group (4 ppl per group, those 2 creepy ones, and me and my friend). and those two wanted to do the dissecting and im like uhhhh sure.... ;w; oh and also, the stuff they preserve the pigs in to keep them from rotting... smells horrible. like vinegar and alcohol and other stuff. you can smell it in the hallways the moment you enter the building D; so yeah. i stuffed my face in my jacket to block out the smell. and block my view from seeing disturbing gory stuff. i dont really want to go into detail about what ppl were doing. pulling out organs and stuff. -shudders- D;

so enough of my writing then. i already wrote too much x.x but anyways, idk what to do about the mirror, which i dont even have a single piece of anymore, and whether my nightmares and stuff are just random, affected by dissection and creepy things going on, or just bad luck. plus, whats gonna happen to the rest of my life? DX and i dont really have anything to comfort myself with. ill probably just watch anime to distract myself or play with my scissors. theyre kinda shiny ;o mehhh, ive also been getting a bit depressed again lately. which doesnt help me at all. D;

but anyways, im done now. cya later then

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