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Into the Abyss (1/3)
------I remember this much, I was drifting away into the shore from the ocean. It was dark, and rain and waves poured down my face, the only light I saw was from the brief moments where white lightning flashed behind the heavy clouds. I was trying so hard to breathe. When your limbs have failed you; the only movement you can do is of a dolphin, but even that is a challenge because you might risk flipping face down into the waters and drown. For some reason I feel as if I'm not alone here. I feel the ripples of other bodies wasting away with me, and you can also taste iron from the waves. I also hear the voices of women crying out underneath the ocean, as if they're calling to me; telling me to give up. Perhaps it was my own, I wonder...

------But before I got here, floating aimlessly, I was some where else. Farther back, the farther you go into the ocean, you'll find a place, where the water stops flowing, where it is still like glass. Its still water, so you still create ripples if you walk on its surface. If you touch it with your hands, you can push your weight into it and you'll find yourself submerging, but it pushes you back up, with the texture similar to gelatine. The rain stops here as well sorta. There are no raindrops, but you can still see the lightning though running behind the clouds, except their colors have changed into purplish and pink even shades of red, and they run very slowly. It is if as time itself is relaxing in this area.

------As I walked on the surface, I noticed a blueish green glow emanating from what appears to be the center of this place. I went it of course out of curiosity. As I got closer I heard this voice or voices you can say, it was a choir of voices speaking to me in unison with each other.

------"At last, have you come to free me?" it said.

------I looked around to find where the voice was coming from, I was surprised of course, well maybe a little frightened too. It spoke out of nowhere. I kept walking towards the green glow cautiously this time. When I got towards the glow, I could see it clearly. It was a girl, naked and curled up in a fetal position floating as if she was in a fish tank, but instead she was floating inside a large crystal structure which was responsible for the blueish green glow it radiated. The whole place had the color pallet as if someone was painting the aurora borealis/australis.

------"Ahh, I see you weren't the one I was expecting." it spoke again, letting out a sigh.

------Suddenly the waters beneath me begun to shake, and the glass like surface to cracked. A dark tidal wave started emerging from the fissures, it grew large and wide, larger than sky scrapers, wide enough to swallow New Orleans, perhaps about 50 times. I trembled from its presence. It had this sinister feel towards it, as if the wave was smiling, happily ready to swallow its prey, to swallow me. I tried to run away from it, but as I ran the glass like waters shattered beneath my feet and I sank towards the depths. As I fell down the abyss I felt it's glow reaching out towards me as If I was getting dragged by a rip current. I felt its warm hold on me pulling me closer towards the singularity. And at that moment I felt as if I was at peace, Like my soul leaving my body. As the water pressure and gravity bring me closer into the abyss.

------I felt the wave wash over me above and the force of it sent me blasting away towards parallel to its vector. It was strong enough to break free of the hold the light that grasped my body, strong enough to render my limbs useless, and strong enough to crush me under its force. I don't understand it why it didn't kill me, when it should be strong enough to. Perhaps that light gave saved me, gave me enough life energy to still live. After that I floated back to the surface, drifting away into the shore from the ocean.

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