Mmm~ I'm still having trouble with my memory but it could be the stress that I am putting myself under. I have school problems that are more than a student is supposed to deal with, brother a*****e problems (withdrawing from my support system, aka my brother), work troubles ugggggggggggggggh seriously, and general expectations on myself. I've been exploring my sexuality and that is going well. I have also been taking my meds just about every day. Like one day I missed the morning or something... maybe the night. I don't remember, but I am on track again. I'm eating well YAY! Like, eating breakfast too, seriously that is a huge accomplishment for me.

I don't remember quite when it was but I had a dream that I had to repeat elementary school english class. In this class we were assigned a book report. I was not allowed to do mine on a "big kid" book because it might be inappropriate and would be out of reach anyway for the other kids to understand or look up later... aka not being a good influence. Well, I didn't do the drawing and messed up my speech. I only wrote the description and with that I would get 2 points. My speech opened up into this big discussion about things that big kids can do but little ones can't.. so much for not being a bad influence. It was set up like the scene in Peter Pan where they are following the leader, except it was a druggy cloud world that we walked around in and around a creek. It was like a supernatural version of behind Sierra Gardens where we would run our mile in Junior High (Eich). It was trippy as all ********. Besides, when have I not wanted to do a book report. Heaven's sake, I used to do them for fun in the summertime!