I remember when I first made my account I was ten years old. I am now sixteen and have revisited the site filled with so many childish memories for me. My sister (who is one year older than me) introduced me to this site because she was introduced by her good friend. I remember we would have so much fun wearing things that made us look naked and we would run around the Towns area acting stupid. Never the Hollywood area though, because everyone seemed serious there. I had an old account that was banned for some reason I do not remember, and there was a boy in my sixth grade class I desperately had a crush on. His name is Robert, or "RJ." I introduced him to this as we did not have phones or any means of communication, and we had so much fun together. Of course, we stopped talking but I still see him at school. It is summer break now, but I will be seeing him again when I return for my senior year of high school. These are just a few memories tied to GaiaOnline. I plan on making more entries on just about anything and everything. I believe this is my first post. Is it? Any case, I guess that's a wrap. Until next time.