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like a diary but not really
I like to think I tried my best
lets just put everything in an acronym
I have noticed that the past few journal entries have been posted at around the same time of day, which is early in the morning. And I just find that really funny, because they weren't planned like that.

This one was, though! Perhaps my next journal will be posted in the afternoon, just to switch it up a bit.

FIFA World Cup starts today~ and Brazil and Croatia are up first! I am excited for some reason, and I am still going to call it Soccer. I'll be cheering for Croatia this game, at least in spirit.., as I don't have a TV, and I am unsure what channels my auntie has at her place. Perhaps I'll keep up with it online somewhere- maybe find a decent stream of it.. I dunno yet.

I didn't know it, but TWGOK ended quite a while ago! Gosh, it used to be one of my favorite mangas, and I really liked keeping up with the updates. At least before the 'Heart of Jupiter' arc- when the plot changed, and things went from strange to kind of awkward- for some parts at least. But you gotta admit, little Keima is the cutest thing! You folks should check it out.

I did read up on how it ended, though. And this is all that really matters to me right now.
> Keima confessed his love to Chihiro! I was.. so happy when I heard that. <

Lets see... I am excited for a few other things!

TAWOG has started up season 3, and I have yet to see it.

The past few chapters of Naruto have been hilarious- depending on your sense of humor, I guess. Its mostly just Sasuke being an a** to everyone except Naruto, and I just find it really funny. Some anti-sasusaku in there, too, if you look hard enough.

And isn't HTTYD 2 in theaters.... oh, wow, today?

Eh, I guess that it. Until next time! Hope you have a nice day and stuff. c:

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