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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
School was interesting today
okay well half of it was interesting, half of it was ehhhhh not so fun. ima start by explaining the not so fun stuff =w=

senior pranks DX i didnt even know they existed until like a week ago. and then for the last couple of days during lunch, theres mini food fights going around x.x and then today, there was a food fight too ;o i thought it would die down after like 30 secs as usual, but it was around a minute or two long. my friends were like "grab ur stuff and run. RUN." but then i didnt run at first since i thought it was just a mini fight and it would die down soon. but everyone kinda ran off. so i grabbed my backpack and just when i was about to turn around to walk off (my back was still turned atm), i got hit D; by a chili dog x.x so it hit a bit of my backpack, some of my cardigan, and a bit of my hair too e.e not fun at all. and idk who did it so i couldnt kill them or anything DX

well later on during sixth period, i saw some writing on the board saying "human rights club" and some more writing to the right of that saying to speak to -insert my spanish teacher's name here- if youre interested in joining. so then after the bell rang, i just stayed behind and asked him what it was about. and i might join >w< although the club is gonna be made next year since its almost the end of the year right now. but anyways, he was explaining that the club was about the school of americas. its a military training school for latin american soldiers to be trained to become dictators (and its in the u.s. too, so its like corruption within our own country. or well mine at least x'D well i already knew that the u.s. is somewhat corrupt, but still). the club's planning to promote awareness of the issue, try to get the school to shut down, and maybe even start a protest. i was just like ;O thats cool XD so i went home and did some research and found some more information on it. and now i want the next school year to start just so i can join the club. gah DX just gotta wait till after summer. well, im really looking forward to it though ^^ for several reasons x3 but yeah, im actually pretty excited about it >w<

oh, right. in case ur wondering why its called the "human rights club" when its about a military school and dictatorship and corruption, its because when the graduates of that school become dictators and take over their own countries, theyre brutal and abuse human rights. the poor ppl and those who fight for equal rights and stuff are the main targets. in one case in el salvador, archbishop romero was assassinated while trying to fight oppression during the civil war. i actually learned about him in spanish class a couple months ago since hes one of my teacher's heroes. i was a bit surprised to see him come up again while researching this stuff, but its interesting. i also like romero a lot, and it kind of displeases me how the u.s. supported the corrupt salvadoran military and caused a whole ton of ppl to die. and what did that even solve in the end? but yeah. DX

well, anyways, time to move on with the rest of the day. i actually have a project to work on too ;O so yeah cya later~

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