Loneliness is a state of mind. It can be caused by the difference between the amount of contact/intimacy you have and the amount of it desired; (I'm just thinking to myself so here's just my opinion of it) being surrounded by people doesn't matter, inebriation doesn't help... it does alleviate an emotionally wrenching air but it's just an ephemeral anodyne, you can still be lonely despite popularity. I was reading about some of the things it could cause and it's pretty much the general symptoms of most common pathological disorders. It I mean, so far I've learned that it can cause irregular sleep patterns, anxiety, cognitive degeneration (like, slow speech pattern... incoherence), cardiovascular related things... and the list goes on. Some people say, victims are socially inept.. that they lack interpersonal skills necessary to maintain intimacy in a relationship. I kinda think back to influences a person may have experienced that caused them to lack these skills... whether it was a neglectful environment or bereavement. Apparently the best thing to do for loneliness (as a victim), is to acknowledge the feelings as they are... not for validation of what is true, to engage in social networks, and continue to stay positive.