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I figured I'd start this off with pics and descriptions of my friends and I.
Some don't take pics well, or at all >w> But I'll try my best.

Walsh Cerge
I_aun Dry

[As written by Roxwell, because I don't want to write my own]

Walsh [Walshu or Wally] is the cute and feisty cowboy from Alabama,
with golden blond hair and light gray eyes.
Growing up in the dormitory with Roxwell and living part time with his uncle,
Walsh was a very shy and quiet kid. Always reading to himself in a corner.
Even now he always has this pouty look on his face. ^ See it?!
After going through a rebellious stage late, Walsh is now firey and sassy.
He can sometimes be too harsh, but he never means it.
Walsh is very smart and always works his hardest.
He has a severe case of OCD, everything needs to be perfect.
He can stress out easily and needs to take medication for social anxiety.
He doesn't think he is as cute as people say he is.
Although, he's constantly being hit on, by men AND women.
Thing is, sucks for the women, because Walsh is gay.
He came out recently, and after he did, met the man of his dreams.
Bryan is his strong chocolate lover. His rock.
Bryan will protect and console Walsh any time he needs it.
Walsh is head over heels for this big man,
and drools every time he takes off his shirt. I mean honestly, who wouldn't?
Walsh loves to play Halo with Bryan, and Skyrim or Sims on his own.
He has taken up writing, as you can see, and also pixel work.
He still loves to read, and wants to study in criminology.
He wishes to become a homicide detective.
He loves murder mysteries and horror films.
He is very strict on being a masculine gay man,
and strongly dislikes girly or fake gay guys.
He sure has a great sense in fashion though. And he's proud of that.
He works as a returns cashier at a hobby store [Hobby Lobby].

[You had to make mine the longest, didn't you Roxwell?]

Bryan Young
Not Dry

Bryan is the big rock of the group. Standing high above everyone else.
He's my gorgeous 6"2' African American man,
with his shaved black hair and chocolate brown eyes and skin<3
He does not wear glasses, but damn does he look good in them.
Bryan is a big ol' teddy bear. He loves everyone and everything.
Bryan likes to be around other people and having fun.
He likes to swim and hang out with his little brother on Xbox.
Getting along with everyone, Bryan is very lovable.
He can get hurt very easily by those he cares for, but he hides it well.
He will do anything for friends and family.
It is very hard not to like him. He is not your typical gay guy either.
And yes, he is full gay. Thank god.
But he's MINE.
Anyway, he loves video games like the rest of the gang.
He enjoys playing them for me while I watch.
He throws the controllers a lot and his voice cracks when he gets mad.
He is sweet and funny, and I laugh every time he uses his slang.
Bryan works outside a gay strip club as a bouncer in the city.
Usually working nights or weekend mornings.
He is very much in love with me, although sometimes I don't know why.
He is classy and hip and sexy and PERFECT. AND MINE.

Ivan Bishop
Blow Dry

Buster Aberstien
Towel Dry

Roxwell Drac
Streak Dry

Roxwell [Roxy, or Rox] has dark brown hair and piercing icey blue eyes.
He is extremely egotistical, but for good reason.
Roxwell is very talented and attractive. He loves to sing and perform.
He knows he is good, and makes sure everyone else knows it too.
He is a serious attention whore. He needs all eyes on him.
But it is never boring. He is very funny and entertaining.
He has a true heart of gold,
and goes on many missions with Phanta to help others in the world.
It is not hard at all for him to make friends and fans.
Roxwell is bipolar, bi-sexual, and suffers from separation anxiety.
He needs to have people around him, loving him, all the time.
He is VERY dramatic. Some people love to tease him just to see his reaction.
He's a big flirt, but can't seem to keep a relationship.
He is scared of commitment and ******** things up for those he loves.
For being so confident on the outside, he is really quite insecure.
He loves his big brother, Max, and looks up to him.
Roxwell has had a difficult past, but has come through it very well.
He used to be a very different person.
Now he is strong and cheerful.
He is taking business in college, and manages a Red Lobster restaurant.

Maximillion Drac and Donavin Lament
Maximum Dry and Minimum Dry

Maximillion, like his brother, also suffers from separation anxiety.

Lelly Lemant
[Currently no Gaia account]

Zeke Zealnera
Almost Dry

Zeke is the cute and happy go lucky Asian puppy of the group.
He has black hair with wild bangs, really WILD, and dark emerald green eyes.
Acting like a puppy dog to everyone, he's always loving and loyal.
He never wants to see anyone upset or angry.
He is fun and is always making people laugh.
He is very goofy and loves to joke and mess around with Kaz.
His biggest accomplishment is the turning around of Roxwell.
Zeke [along with Phanta] is the reason Roxwell is who he is today.
Zeke will try and try and never give up. He is very easy to befriend and love.
So much that the hardest girl around, is now his lover. Lelly.
Zeke is hyper and happy almost all of the time.
Nothing can stop him. Not even a semi.
He's had several close encounters with life threatening situations,
but he pushes through each time, with barely any effort.
Roxwell says he just has a really thick skull.
He also calls him the energizer bunny.
Zeke lost both his parents when he was very young,
and spent his life growing up with his best bud, Kaz.
He will protect his little sister Zage from anything and everything.
He is a strong and fast kid, a protector and practices Tai Chi.
Zeke, like many of the other guys in the gang, loves playing video games.
He's usually playing Halo or Fallout 3 with Roxwell or Kaz.

Zage Zealnera

Matthew Crew

Matthew [Matty] has (usually) black emo hair and dark blue eyes.
His natural color is white blond. He likes to keep his hair covering his eyes.
Matty is actually mostly blind, and seems to look right through you.
Which is just creepy because his eyes are such a vivid color.
Not to mention his personality.
He might look cute, with his button nose and British accent,
but he is harsh and has a tongue that cuts like a knife.
Many fear him, even his friends do sometimes.
He has a talent for reading people, even over the internet
[in which he became infamous for such on some websites].
Everyone looks up to him as a leader, and takes his advice,
nicknaming him "The King". He always "wins".
He is mostly moody, but...
After you climb over the wall he built around himself,
he can be a very sweet person.
He truly cares for his friends and does anything to help them.
Matthew used to suffer from horrible depression.
His arms and neck are scarred. And his stomach is weak.
With the help of X, and the love from Zage [his girlfriend] and Leo [his best friend],
Matty is already far down the road to recovery.
He is currently in law school, and wants to become a lawyer.
Matty is very intelligent and rivals X and Phanta.

Leonardo [NA]
[Currently no Gaia account]

X Waters
Dry Off

Yes, X. Just the letter. X.
X is quite the scary little mother ********.
He spent most of his earlier days in and out of juvi or insane asylums.
As a child, he grew up in a cell of hate, an experiment of his parents.
I didn't work out too well for them.
X has a twin brother named Thom.
Whom he claims he hates with a passion.
Thom doesn't feel the same way.
They are pretty much exact opposites.
Identical twins in everything but personality.
X is an unstable and violent guy. He is insane, but a genius.
There are some things his mind just cannot take.
When those things show up, he can lose it in a fit of rage.
Phanta has forced his way into being his therapist,
and is currently working with him on his more dangerous mental issues.
Phanta has only recently diagnosed X as being a borderline sociopath.
X currently lives with Matty, Leo, Phanta, and his two children.
[That's right, CHILDREN] whom he adopted. Mykey and Willow.
Mykey and Willow are the only things in this world he might actually love,
other than maybe Phanta, huehue.
Most of my friends have weird stories, some pretty traumatic.
But X, takes the cake.
A rebellious and mean guy on the outside, but when you get to know him...
He's really got a good heart and a weird but great sense of humor.
He enjoys trolling online, and just generally ******** things up.
He will deny any feelings for other people, but we all know he's a good guy.

Mykey [Yoskavitch] Waters

A few of the things Mykey suffers from are:
ADD, ADHD, Brief Psychosis, Bipolar, Kleptomania, OCD, Paranoia and Post Traumatic Stress.

[No Picture]
Willow Waters
[No Gaia Account]

Phan Dry

Phanta [Phan] for short.
Only X and Roxwell know his true name, and natural hair and eye color.
They won't tell if it's Phanta or something more...normal.
I don't think it's normal. Phanta is anything but.
He is the most mysterious person I have ever known.
With his neon green glowing contacts and blue hair.
He is either dressed up sporting a beanie, or elf ears.
Phanta is like our leader, everyone looks up to him.
He is so intelligent, we are just convinced he knows everything.
Whenever he does something weird, we just brush it off by saying
"He's Phanta."
He is now X and Mykey's therapist,
although he is still in med school and is insane himself.
Phanta suffers from horrible insomnia, and often seems to think he's a ferret.
He is very funny and loves to help people out. He often goes on missions.
To places that have suffered natural disasters,
or helps out in soup kitchens for the homeless.
He claims it is all for his own satisfaction and that he is really just very selfish.
I'm not so sure...
He is best friends with X,
they seem to be the only ones who understand each other.
Phanta enjoys sleeping in odd places when he can,
and watching spongebob marathons with X.

[No Picture]
[Currently no Gaia account]

Axeil [Alexis] Goldburg
Tumblr Dry

Jaeis Nickle
[Currently no Gaia account]

Malcolm [NA]

Rowan Wulf

Lumiere and Grauzone
[No Gaia Accounts]

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