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Green's words
I don't write daily, just when important things happen.
Summer plans
I know I put a lot of plans in my last entry, but some have changed a bit.

I decided to give away that badass dragon puzzle since its missing 48 pieces. smilies/icon_sad.gif We didn't buy the other one I thought we did. So my hope is to order one and get to work. -determined- my plan from now on is to not buy/open puzzles unless I start them within 2 weeks.
Quilting is still a yes. I'm going to try out different looks that I've found on Pinterest. I've decided to die my hair teal. My family doesn't like that plan, but wtf man. I do. Besides I'm trusting the people I've talked to who HAVE died their hair before.
I have a book called The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book:448 great things to do in nature before you grow up.
So far, I've only given the summer portion a look. The activities seem fantastic. As do some ideas on Pinterest.
The other seasons I've really only flipped through. There's stuff like owlling, trail mix, twig art, rock gardens, handprint mosaics, nature scrap booking and ice cream in the rest of the book.
Chris took me to a water park for a whole day one weekend. I've really tried to push the shallow high school relationship ness out of my head because I'm past that stage of life; I'll never get that. But it won't leave me alone! ><
I had my little cry about it, and it left, but is still nagging at me. But I do feel better now that I've talked it out with him.
Hmm. What are my other plans? I have no clue, honestly. I think I'll tie die some things and try to up my skill in that. Also cooking. I need a cooking skill. I feel like a Sim.
I've discovered that I have no fear of sex, but some other problems that will majorly effect my sex and relationship life. I've decided to blame my brain damage. Somehow I just don't feel pleasure. I'm a broken toy that doesn't work for me even and it's very scary.
Hey! Ya know what's a good idea??? Zentangles. I should absolutely get a drawing talent. My hand-eye co ordination is ******** but who says it's beyond repair? Chris says he'll buy some video games made for kids so I can up the skill too!! Also he's letting me drive a tiny bit. On roads where there's no trouble to get into.smilies/icon_whee.gif
And ya know what? Deodorant absolutely helps with mosquito bites. smilies/icon_xd.gif

Also reading. I plan to read.
Ooooo Chris says he'll help me with an eBay account too!

P>S> Gail's going to have another girl! She likes the name Amelia.cat_smilies/icon_xd.gif No date yet. All we know is October.

EDIT: I've been thinking about that puzzle. Is 48/1000 pieces really that big of a deal? I mean, it's like trashing a 100 piece puzzle that's missing 2-8 pieces, right? It's not a huge diiference. It's nowhere close to half. It's a ******** badass dragon anyway and I may have miscounted. I've only counted once. I'll do it and then decide if it's an eyesore.

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