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Bridge to Chaos
Character Profile: Zevael
Warning: I will likely be updating the information here periodically, so it's possible that some of the information will change as I flesh it out more. I'll make a note of it and try to point it out if I can, though.

Latest Updates: A couple of notes have been added to both sections of General Information.


Character Profile
Name: Zevael

Nickname: Zev

Sex: Male

Age: Chronologically about 18; appears biologically around the 23-25 age range
*In other words, he was created to look about 23-25 from the get-go by the people who made him, and has since been alive fighting for them for about 18 years.

Race: "Chimera"; Specific Classification: Hellhound Chimera

Hair: Once bright red and extremely messy and loose, he has changed its style as it rapidly began turning black. (See the General Information section on Zevael for more information on this.) It was recently cut after an unfortunate run-in with a former colleague.

Eyes: Cobalt blue

Height: Stands at an even 6'0"

Other notable physical details: Beneath his left eye is a blue mark. To anyone who asks he'll claim it is a tattoo, but in reality it is a brand to mark the ownership of the kingdom and laboratory that created him.

Zevael is a "Chimera", meaning his body contains the DNA of several monster species. While he can't use all of the powers and abilities the original monster can use, he can use some. To give some insight, the main monster DNA "donation" behind Zevael's creation is a hellhound (actually two kinds), along with lesser contributions from the hydra and, ironically enough, an actual chimera.

From the hellhound(s), Zevael earns the attribute of being impervious to fire (he is basically fireproof from his toes to his hair). He also has supernatural strength and speed when he deigns to utilize them. The hydra granted him immunity to poison, and he inherited the chimera's ability to breathe its raging fire... which he unfortunately never uses (claiming he dislikes the strong taste of smoke afterwards).

In all, like the creatures that helped create him, Zevael is very physically-oriented when it comes to battle. While he is capable of some levels of magic (particularly fire), he mostly utilizes his magical energy to boost his body and make him capable of performing feats beyond his usual limitations. *Note: While Zevael has some experience wielding various pole weapons, he fights best with his fists. One of the reasons he keeps his hair long is because of this, so he can lure opponents who see it as a weakness into his strike zone.

Also, if you got the reference to Greek mythology in what creatures are in his genetic makeup, kudos to you.

Despite his fiery appearance, Zevael is actually very much the opposite, especially when driven to act like the soldier he's been for most of his life. When on the job and around strangers he can be quite serious and perhaps even a little cold-hearted--or so he guilt-trips himself into believing. However solemn and grim he can appear to be, there is a certain compassion that Zevael has that he often believes he lost in the wake of the wars. And truthfully it is buried rather deep, but even then it doesn't take much to unearth it despite his beliefs. It just takes a little time, and a lot of trust on his part.

However, when given the chance to unwind and get closer to another, Zevael can actually be rather laidback. He typically does not care much for confrontation, only fighting when he absolutely has to--and even then he usually doesn't fight wholeheartedly unless he has something on the line other than his own life. Since his creation he has done nothing but fight for his life, so at this point in time the fear and adrenaline that used to pump in such situations has dwindled to nothing. While this has greatly boosted his ability and performance considering he can remain calm and levelheaded even in a particularly long and trying fight, it should be noted that his lack of regard over the loss of his own life can sometimes still make him a little reckless.

Zevael was born under the flag of the Herzgil Empire, whose chief scientists and most talented mages combined their abilities and strung together his genetics almost piece by piece as yet another Chimera to add to their ever-increasing pool of experiments. When he awakened, he attended a crash course of numerous lesson plans alongside his training in order to become an effective soldier before ultimately being deployed alongside his fellows. As a primarily physical-oriented attacker, Zevael was sent to be part of the front lines, which by rights should have been a death sentence. However, through luck or skill or some combination of both, he managed to survive with each passing day he was sent to battle.

The war lasted for many years, on and off as both kingdoms took time to recover before jumping back into the fray once more in the hopes of a decisive victory. It was about three or four years after his deployment--ranging seven to eight years since his "birth"--that Zevael had a fateful meeting with Yeulveren when the battles had spread near the coast. Though he had approached her out of concern, their meeting sparked a feeling in Zevael that he had not understood before. In trying to help her accept herself, Zevael was faced with the problem of his own fate. Eventually, he found himself questioning his actions when he had once blindly followed orders before, having never known any other life.

In the years that followed, this internal problem continued and grew the longer he survived in the war, participating in countless battles and earning himself a name in the public as "Zevael the Hellhound". In time, he came to resent his lot in life and desperately wondered if he would be trapped forever as a soldier. It did not help that fortune seemed to favor him, allowing him to live when countless numbers of his comrades fell in battle all around him.

Inevitably, Zevael made the decision to leave and run away from his life as a dog of the military. With a number of other Chimeras tired of the pointless fighting, he planned an escape and initiated it during the next lull of peace. He broke out with them and later parted ways, wishing them luck in whatever lives they hoped to pursue and praying for their safety in avoiding their creators. Zevael himself faced much trepidation in leaving, knowing that his name was known to the public and that he would be hunted like the dog he was for abandoning his other comrades. Perhaps opinion would change if the public knew of what Chimeras truly went through, but with the majority of his kind content to stay where they were it would be an uphill battle.

In the meantime, Zevael had taken up being a wanderer, drifting from place to place with no particular destination in mind. With only his skills from the war to fall back on, he reluctantly took up a job as a sort of freelance mercenary. For the most part, however, he would avoid fighting as much as he could.

He still longs for a day when he can settle down and live peacefully, when his skills will be called useless for there was no need for them. Until then, he waits and continues wandering.

Likes: Quiet and peaceful days, relaxing (often classical) music, camping, warm home-cooked meals, the idea of having a home

Dislikes: War, pointless fighting, sour foods, foul stenches, technology

General Information of Zevael and Chimeras
- In case you didn't catch it earlier but are curious, the creatures that make up Zevael are: Cerberus the three-headed hellhound, Orthrus the two-headed hellhound, the Lernaean hydra, and the Chimera. These four are all offspring of Echidna, the renowned Mother of All Monsters, and Typhon, Father of All Monsters and supposedly a monster that even the gods feared.

- Zevael dislikes the ability to breathe fire because of his time in the wars he's participated in. It was actually one of his main skills when not relying on his fists and natural strength. However, he despises prolonging death, which his fire typically produced. His victims and opponents would burn alive in the spectacular flames, and their screams of pain still haunt him years later.

- He takes most of his physical traits from the hellhound as it/they are his dominant blood. As a result, his bright red hair is natural just like the young (pups?) of hellhounds. But as he matures (as he cannot physically grow or age since his body is technically artificial despite being essentially organic), the darker his hair will become until it turns fully black. If he were a pure hellhound his eyes would also change from black to red, but because he is a Chimera they will always remain blue--a color he received from his human DNA donor. (Maturity varies for hellhound Chimeras, as they are subject to very different situations early on in their lives. Canonically, Zevael's hair begins darkening over the course of his story, and becomes fully black overnight upon the death of a friend.)

- Also as a result of his hellhound blood, his actions are often very tailored to his instincts. As a canine creature, despite being demonic in nature, he is very much attuned to the idea of "pack" and often reacts according to his instincts when he is not actively schooling himself into his soldier-like discipline. From this, he often acts very dog-like, especially in the manner in which he addresses people and tries to communicate with them. He relies on scent and hearing more than on sight, and uses subtle touches and gestures to get the points that he cannot voice across.

- These "Chimeras" are a product of a combination of scientific and magical experimentation.

- There isn't really a limit to what creatures are able to make a Chimera. So long as the DNA is compatible and those in charge believe the skills acquired will be useful, they're meshed together. Most of the time this leads to stable subjects, but there is the occasional unfortunate subject whose DNA starts to reject itself later on, causing a meltdown. These instances are not very pretty and generally end in death.

- Many Chimeras are sterile. The few that are not are infertile. It is unknown as to what causes either, but considering the fact that Chimeras are the products of genetic engineering and are often made up of very different creatures (compatible as they may be), it is often thought to be a natural result. Zevael is of the infertile type.

- Technically, although Chimeras are classified more as monsters, they do have some human DNA. It's just that the gene tends to be less dominant in comparison to the monster species each Chimera has. Canonically, Zevael's human DNA donor was the crown prince, later emperor, of the Herzgil Empire, and so could technically be considered a prince in that universe. His human name, upon meeting his "father", is given to be Leon Zephyr Aurion Herzgil.

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