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Incident 01-002
August 21, 2014

Even though I'd feel regret not being able to visit my mother, I was able to give her

a call and asked if I could, instead, visit her during Christmas since it would seem

much more appropriate to be and I quote from what Landou had said, "We can just

wrap you up in a box and address the present box your in to your mom and the

rest of your family you haven't seen over 10 years." Well I wouldn't agree in being

boxed up since that is highly unnecessary, I'll just go there in a normal manner

which is by plane no less.

And with that being said I did attend the meeting which was indeed somewhat

boring at first, but, I'm not really the type who'd show that I'm suffering of boredom

though in the end result that meeting was able to get some more funding for the

university so in any case whenever the teachers want their classrooms refurbished

or renovated we have the funding to cover it and school supplies will also be

provided to all our students here. With all that now taken cared off I feel like

hanging out with Timothy and the others at their Office in Santa Monica and

I do hope they don't plan on drinking again, so fingers crossed and I sure hope I

didn't jinxed myself.