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Eva knew that she had to keep her grades up if she were to keep her scholarship at the most prestigious boarding school in the country. Her family came from a small a town, the kind of town where everyone knew everyone else's business. When she was younger she was carefree, adventurous and could always be found getting into trouble with her partner in crime, a boy that only stayed a couple of summer's at a time because his grandmother still lived there. Now she found herself at the age of sixteen with the body of a porn star. She did her best not to act the part but her looks always seemed to get unwanted attention.

The beautiful brunette had a bit of an understanding to how the school ran. The rich had a great deal of power among the poor on scholarship and often found themselves at the will of these brats. She knew that at the end it could all be worth it for those who graduated from this high school often got into great schools, the ivy league of all else. Her things were already situated in her dorm room, a single to her luck and now she had some time to explore the beautiful campus. Today she wore a pretty blue skirt, a white lace top and a cute pair of sandals. She walked along a path that lead to the sports fields curious to see if any other students were already playing ball.