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my diary ~
Day 307: End of the Year
This school year will be over in about three weeks. This year has been really awful, the worst year in school I've had. Other than my falling grades, there's been so much lengthy drama and time wasted and, yet, looking back into the past there's so much I wish I could have changed, but I have no drive to make things better.

And there's no use worrying about the past. All my big tests are done now, and still, my teachers have given me piles of projects and homework to do. It's like they don't even understand anything that's happening to us right now. In no other school in this place do they make us work as hard as here, and it's ridiculous we get nothing in exchange for it, other than worsening grades, which doesn't seem like a fair pay-off to me.

Me, Juan, and Arlety sat together in math class trying to work out the new lesson. In other words, just talk and socialize. Juan is usually part of the morning announcements, but today he didn't go to the media center where they record. He told us he got kicked out. He said he had a headache yesterday in the morning, and Ms. Castaneda came in yelling at him to get started, and he told her to shut up and not treat him like an animal. Afterwards, the Vice Principal told him that they no longer needed him in the morning announcements. He said "Good riddance".

In lunch, I was hiding from Ms. Castaneda because she had thought I went to the NHS ceremony when in fact, I didn't. I never meant to lie to her, but that's just how it sort of turned out. But I was successful anyway. I thought maybe if I stood still she wouldn't see me, but she was behind me all along. She told me to be honest and asked if I went, and I told her the truth. It's actually kinda strange, I expected she'd get mad or say something but she seemed very calm about it and wasn't mean to me at all. She and I get along very well and she tells me a lot about drama and students that are rude to her.

Like, she said one of the seniors told her she was the worst club director ever. And again in lunch, she told me about what happened with Juan. She said she almost burst in tears. I guess a lot of us don't really realize that teachers and faculty are human too. They get sad just like teenagers, and can be sensitive and easily hurt.

Lately I've been having a lot of fun with Ada, especially in spanish class, where we watched some movies for a few days. Ada and I don't really watch them though, we sit together and judge people. We even made a "list" that includes the social hierarchy in our school. It actually turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The best part were some of the nicknames we made. "So how are we going to put the spaniards?", "Well... what are their names?", "Don't you know?", "Oh, wait! I know their names, hold on let me think of them", "..", "They're all named either Juan or Maria", Ada laughed at that, since it was pretty true. "Ok, so let's start with the guys then", "But how do I know which Juan is which?", "Ok well there's the hobbit, the really short one with curly hair, and then there's a smelly one", When Ada said that I actually laughed a bit. "One of them sits behind me in math class, you know! Oh gosh I can't take it because he sometimes puts his head down on the desk and he talks a lot, and, like his breathe smells so bad sometimes I wish I could turn around and tell him to wash his teeth", "And there's another one, a brown one", "Wait, what? Isn't the brown one the smelly one?", "The white one is the smelly one...", and then Ada and I stared at each other for a moment and I said "So, they're both smelly", and we burst in laughter together.

Marianna, the girl who eats her scalp, is on the bottom of the list, along with Victor, the guy that Marie tried to make me be friends with. Then on the bottom half are all the druggies and burn-outs, and the loners, and thirsty sluts. Towards the middle are all the spaniards and fake people. Then me and my closest friends on the upper middle, and on the top, there's Elizabeth, Tati, and Valeria, they're well-liked throughout the entire school, and are a lot of fun to hang out with, so they deserve their spot.

I know a list like this seems like a very immature thing to do. But it was fun. And it was the best way to pass the time in that class so I have no regrets.


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