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Ramblings of a Tree
I will use this journal as a place to post just about anything. Be they rants or dreams or whatever comes to mind.
Aspen's OC List
This is basically my journal entry which will contain all of my roleplay OC's as I make them. Some of these characters will be -years- old while others maybe only days. The profiles will be under the correctly labeled spoiler along with other characters of the same fandom. (IE all my Harry Potter OC's will be in the same spoiler, and all my Pokemon OC's will be in another spoiler.)


      Harry Potter OC's
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      ][ Name ][ Malandra Sacre
      ][ Age ][ 16-17 (adult 20-25)
      ][ Year ][ 6th-7th ( adult; DADA or Potions Prof. )
      ][ Gender ][ Female
      ][ House ][ Slytherin ( adult; HoH for Slytherin )
      ][ Personality ][
      ][ Appearance ][ Malandra has long pitch-black hair that reaches her rear end and is usually fairly straight. Her skin is lightly tanned even without needing to tan in the sunlight and her eyes are a crystal blue and seem slanted and almond shaped. She usually wears makeup and styles her hair carefully, her looks seem to mean a lot to her, and her lips are always done in a deep red color. Her clothing is most often the school uniform, but when in 'casual' clothes she loves simple yet girly dresses in beige's and creams, or even pinks and light greens, when the weather is nice. In the colder months she is usually in expensive slacks and thick sweaters in darker colors like dark brown, black or a deep forest green. She never wears red anywhere but on her lips. Malandra often paints her nails silver and green for her house, doing decorations to show House Pride.
      ][ History ][ Parents were Octavian Sacre and Lysandra Sacre. Her two older brothers as Castrus and Lysandre. She is the youngest of the family, originally from France. Octavian originally moved to Britain after finishing school to bring his families business to England. He deals in the acquisition of rare magical antiques and makes a decent amount doing so. He met Lysandra who was a year from graduating at a dinner party. The pair hit it off wonderfully and were married once Lys graduated. Both are Purebloods, as are all their children. Pureblood status was something her parents taught all three children to at the very least be concerned about. While they did not believe in treating non purebloods poorly, they also did not believe in their children becoming romantically involved with anyone who was not of the most pristine blood.
      Malandra, being 2 and 3 years under her brothers spent a lot of time at Hogwarts with them. She watched Castrus become one of Slytherins most ruthless beaters in his time, and her other brother Lysandre became an exceptional wizard. He was top of his class every year after his third year. Malandra was not very gifted in Quidditch, preferring to play with her hair and do her nails than get dirty and sweaty flying around the Pitch. Besides, everyone expected her to be good at Quidditch like her brother Castrus. But then she was never top of her class either. She was fantastic at Charms and Potions, but her other classes she was good, but never the best. She really had no intention of trying to follow in Lysandre's footsteps either though.
      While she never really tried to be the best at anything, there was one thing she was naturally gifted at; being a total prat. Malandra's brothers were both beautiful in their own right, Lysandre having soft strawberry blond hair and tan skin with bright amber eyes and a shy look, and Castrus was on the opposite end of the spectrum, he had light brown hair with bright blue eyes and a masculine look to him, muscular and manly with a square jaw and the guns to back up any threat he made. Malandra was no exception to the Beautiful Sacre gene. She was blessed with lightly tanned skin and long black hair with pale blue eyes.
      The summer before her 6th year Malandra was informed by her father that her marriage to an older boy from Beauxbatons was being arranged, he was the son of an old family friend apparently, and Malandra had no say in the matter. It was during this time Malandra began to use her good looks to cause havc on her reputation as a respected member of the Slytherin's "IT" crowd. She began flirting and teasing many different boys from different backgrounds and even houses! Her friends still talk to her, but since she began dating all over the place she has become less influential in the house, and even the school. With the graduation of her last older brother as well, less and less people care about talking to her (the girls anyways.) She now has the reputation of a slut with low standards who can be found snogging just about anyone in some dark hallway or dingy closet.
      ][ Likes ][ Attention, Sugary Sweets, Respect, Charms and Potions
      ][ Dislikes ][ Messy People, Arranged Marriages, Stuck Up Gryffindors, Muggle Studdies,
      ][ Extra ][ She speaks semi-fluent French and is usually used in Marauder Era Roleplays. I try to pair her with Severus or characters similar to him. (Once I had a partner who played Remus as her love interest, that was super interesting.)

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      ][ Name ][ Cypress Castling
      ][ Age ][ 15 - 17
      ][ Year ][ 5th - 7th
      ][ Gender ][ Female
      ][ House ][ Hufflepuff
      ][ Personality ][ Cypress is really rather nice, but she can be a big dork. She is rather clumsy, except on a broomstick, on a broomstick she becomes as graceful as a ******** swan. She tries to be nice to everyone she meets, and has no problem trying to socialize with Slytherins or anyone else. She is a half blood and has a little bit of a hot head when people talk about her muggle mother, who is not a witch at all, and who left after she was accepted to Hogwarts. She usually vents this anger at her mother being brought up through Quidditch. She is passionate about it and about her classes. She is one of those weird kids who loves the history lectures and has no problems staying wide eyed and bushy tailed through it all.
      ][ Appearance ][ Blond, medium colored skin, brown eyes and a goofy smile.
      ][ History ][ WIP
      ][ Likes ][
      ][ Dislikes ][
      ][ Extra ][ Het only character. Usually played as a Prefect and a Hufflepuff Chaser.

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      ][ Name ][ Benedict (Benny) Grover
      ][ Age ][ 16 - 17
      ][ Year ][ 6th - 7th
      ][ Gender ][ Male
      ][ House ][ Hufflepuff
      ][ Personality ][ A very out going and friendly guy, he can makes friends with anyone. The only things that seem to deter him from trying are the Slytherins who talk about how much they hate mudbloods (he is one, after all,) and those who make fun of others. He has been known to try and help people become better though, trying to befriend meaner folks and showing them the err of their thinking. IT oes not always work, but on occasion he can show others that everyone deserves a chance to prove their worth themselves. He is a total joker, as well. He loves to play practical jokes and pull pranks. Chances are, if something goes wrong in the middle of class and results in mass giggling and laughter, he was probably behind it. His jokes rarely cause hurt feelings, but sometimes he does not understand and his jokes hurt anyways.
      ][ Appearance ][ Blond hair, brown eyes, has a "surfer tan" with awkward tan lines in the middle of his thighs and at his hips from wearing nothing but shorts in the summer months. He has a big smile and thick eyebrows. His frame is relatively fit, but he does not have rippling muscles everywhere, he just looks fit, like he does not sit around on a couch 24/7.
      ][ History ][ WIP
      ][ Likes ][ Making Friends, Playing Pranks, Practical Jokes,
      ][ Dislikes ][ Dishonesty, Rude-ness, Name Calling,
      ][ Extra ][ Can be a m// or a het character.

      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
      ][ Name ][ Orion Sacre
      ][ Age ][ 16 - 17
      ][ Year ][ 6th - 7th
      ][ Gender ][ Male
      ][ House ][ Slytherin
      ][ Personality ][ Sort of an arrogant p***k. He is a total play boy who likes to get around and flirt with any girl who is moderately attractive, and no matter the blood status. He always goes on to explain he is not trying to find a wife, just have some fun. He claims he is set up in an arranged marriage so he does not need to even think about finding a wife, as he has one all picked out by his parents who will do whatever he says. He likes to pick on those not of pureblood, or those who associate with muggle-borns. He totally emulates American Greasers, mostly due to the fact a cousin who has Muggle relatives showed him a movie called Grease and totally fell in love with it.
      ][ Appearance ][ Black hair that is long on top and short on the sides and the back, he combs gel through it to style the hair, or just uses his wand as a shortcut. He keeps his face clean shaven, but he does get his 5'o'clock shadow right on the dot. He cannot seem to grow hair on his upper lip, so the stubble is usually just around his jaw and up his cheeks. He is pretty tall, standing just over 6' and has a wiry build, not much apparent muscle, and being sort of stick-figure like without being grossly thin.
      ][ History ][ Will be added later-- super long. (Basically he is the son/ grand son of my other OC, Malandra depending on the Era I use him in.)
      ][ Likes ][ Grease (The musical), cigarettes, flirting, transfiguration
      ][ Dislikes ][ settling down, homework, charms and history classes
      ][ Extra ][ Depending on the roleplay sometimes he is either working on becoming, or is already an Animagus who becomes a striped ferret. I am totally okay leaving this out or making it a point of a minor plot if you like. Either or, really. (Can be m// or het.)

      Percy Jackson OC's

      Name: James Argyris
      Godly Parent: Hephaestus
      Human Parent: Stella Argyris
      Biography: James seemed the most normal of children growing up. He was a stubborn and fiery tempered toddler, but most tend to be that way. However, when he turned six he threw an apocalyptic temper tantrum and set himself on fire. His mother had no idea how he managed to do that, but he did. The most amazing part was, that even though he had sustained a few burns on his leg, the scars of which he still bares, he did not die, or even singe his hair. It was during this time his mother admitted who his father was to him, a Greek God, Hephaestus.
      When he was ten he was sent to Camp Half Blood to live, Stella told him he needed to be with those like him. It took a lot of convincing and a visit from a representative of the school to come get him and make him go without much of a fight. James fought everything while there in the beginning. He disobeyed orders, purposefully ditched events and was overall a terrible member of the camp and community. It was only after the realization of what he was hit him, that he began to actually try. By then he was fifteen. In the three years since he has been honing his ability to manipulate fire, finding he prefers to conjure it in the forms of weapons, or the occasional shield.

      Personality traits: ✿ Obstinate ✿ Aloof ✿ Discerning ✿
      Powers: ✿ Fire Manipulation ✿ Weapons made of Fire ✿
      Pet Peeves: ✿ Lazy People ✿ Being Interrupted ✿ Drama Queens ✿ People Who Sing Constantly ✿
      Owner: Aspen Oak


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