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it first started when i woke up.my mom told me that i needed to clean the entire house with my bro before i get on line, and my bro was being lazy and wouldnt do any thing.(this is when it sucked.).later on that day i got told that an old freind of me and my brother's was comming!i knew exactly that it was r.j!(this is when it rocked!)he came over and we hug and caught up on the years.then we played a while. he left so i got online and came here.so i could tell you! so thats it see ya!
Yuki : The Beginning
Chapter 1: The Beginning

This story I write is over 5 years old and is the true beginning of my life when things seemed to leave the fog and haze of sorrow and torment. As sorrowful this tale is its still a memory and I still cherish it for it was my light when I was on the verge of leaving this world forever. No matter how hard thing will ever become I hold my necklace and remember that i'm not alone. So let us begin....

"Where am I?" I ask myself, "why am I so cold?".... I open my eyes and find myself laying down in the snow, and surrounded by trees. I notice something out of the Conner of my eye; something was slumped against a tree. I stand up out of the snow and walk towards the figure. On closer inspection I realize its a boy; he looked allot older than I, but what struck me odd was his hair. He was wrapped up by a black blanket which brought out his pale white skin, and through his half closed eyes I saw that they were bright blue; almost glowing. Also he had Purple hair which curled towards his neck.

After five minutes of me starring at his hair he looked up at me and our eyes met. "Hi. Whats your name?" I asked
"Yuki." He replied
" Why are you sitting here by yourself? Are you okay?" I questioned
" yes i'm fine" He again replied
" DO you know where we are at?" I asked

He looked at me again and locked eyes with me " you are in a realm of magic. I believe the simplest way to say it is... this realm is called the psychic realm".
I stared at him trying to compute this through my mind. " psychi world?" I finally replied. He looked at me for a second and finally said "Yes. Who are you may I ask?". I smiled and said " My name is Natasha!, I am 13 years old! and will be 14 on August 31 cause that's my birthday! i'm about to go to high school too! i'm so excited.".

He sat there and finally said " well Natasha I must be off", but as he stood he collapsed. I quickly felt his forehead. "your running a fever! stay here ill find something to help you feel better."
I walked trough the trees and found a tent and medical supplies, and brought it back to Yuki. it started snowing then and I quickly pulled Yuki into the tent and took care of him the best I could. His fever finally broke and by the time he was healthy I started to get sleepy myself, and I laid down to rest.

I woke up in my room; I was home... I wanted to believe it was a dream but it felt so real. I then got out of bed and continued my day, but that night when I went to sleep.

I Awoke in the tent alone and covered by the blanket. I went outside and saw Yuki standing on tree branch. " what are you doing up there?" I yelled.
He turned a looked at me with shock " your back? Welcome" he smiled.

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