Year: 3953 DA
Year's in Space: 1,784
Date: 8/54

[Battle A.I:] Scanning... Scanning... Scanning... Scanning... [Pilot:] "Where is G-07?" [Battle A.I:] Scanning... Scanning... Scanning... [Pilot:] "Hurry up and find it!" [Battle A.I:] Scanning... Scanning... Scan... Enemy fighter coming from South-East. [Pilot:] "What?! R-ready weapons, N-36!! G-07 is going down today, he's gonna pay for what he did!" Somewhere watching from afar, [Unknown Pilot:] "Target found. Are we killing this one too?" Over loudspeaker, "Yes, kill them all. Leave no one alive, Known." After switching off the speaking, Known prepares G-07 to attack. [Young pilot of N-36,] "Where is G-07?! Come on, find him!!" Known takes off at blinding speed, [Known:] "Mission: Death of Pilot and Machine." N-36 takes notice and fires his beam rifle at Known, [Young Pilot of N-37:] "Found you, I'll kill you for what you did to my father!!" Known quickly dodges the beam as if it wasn't there, [Known:] "I killed too many to know who your talking about, I'm just doing my job." The young pilot getting pissed after hearing those words firing his beam rifle at Known like crazy, [Young Pilot of N-37:] "******** Your Job, What Give You The Right To Kill Someone?!" Known allows one to hit him to test G-07's full power, [Known:] "Power output is weak and pointless, your N-37 is no match of my G-07." With that Known pulls out his Heat-Blade and flew head first into N-37 line of fire dodging every shot. [Young Pilot of N-37:] "Dammit, I won't be the one to fall here!!" The young pilot pulls out his beam sword quickly clashing with Known's sword, swing after swing being blocked or dodged. Known smiles and lets go for the control to G-07, [Known:] "Active code: 7-3-5-1-N-G-9-0-4. Start up code: 6-3-5-2-F-S-5-7-2. Awaken And Kill Everything, G-07 Nero!!!" G-07 sword swings doubles 10x the speed it had before leaving the young pilot helpless, [Young Pilot of N-37:] "W-what? I can't get one hit off this thing." Nero started toying with the young pilot's N-37 before killing him by cutting it in half stopping at the pilot's burning cockpit before pulling away. [Known:] "Target Dead. Returning to base."

Time: 15:43
Location: Space Colony 067 (Above Jupiter's Moon: Himalia)

[Know is now telling the story] I landed my mecha, G-07 Nero, down in port 37. I found it kinda funny since I killed someone piloting an N-37, I stepped out and was about to head into my room to sleep and wait for my next mission before... [Unknown Doctor:] "Known, how many times have I told you not to pilot G-07 Nero! Your eyes are bad enough as is, do you want to become blind?!" I turned my head looking back at Doctor Mia (Majored in Psychology, Virology, and Optometry), [Known:] "Rather or not I go blind, I'm the only person on this Colony who can pilot G-07 Nero. Beside if I do become blind, Nero will be my eyes on the battlefield." I walked off before I could hear another word from her. By now you must be wondering about N-37 and G-07, huh?

[Known is now telling the history of what happen] During the early days (back on Earth 01) the human race started a war too big for the planet to hold (Year: 2136 DA), it only took three months before the Earth become a wasteland of death and blood. We quickly left the planet with the little knowledge we had of space travel before landing on a new planet which become Earth 02 (Year: 2169 DA), but like Earth 01 people wanted more power of the lands and the wars started again. Earth 02 was a much weaker planet then our old one and it dead before we could even leave it. We floated in space for 46 years before finally reaching our home world of today: Earth 03 (Year: 2216 DA), seeing how we learn from our past mistake we made peace with everyone and for 579 years no war has started as people started live in Space Colonies (All 1,990 in fact). But during the year 2795 DA, war breaks out between two Colonies wanting total control of power in Space (Vacilia and Haidara), Space Colonies 050 thou 090 had made Battle Suits called: "G-System" to fight and keep the peace encase a war breaks out again. The Battle Suits were named after both 99 numbers and the 26 letters of the alphabet, meaning for every letter there are 99 different Suits (the higher the letter, the stronger the Battle suit. Same for the numbers). But the G-System was a vary tricky system even for the people that made them, Battle Suits were easy enough to make but the system inside would pick out it's own handlers even if the Battle Suit was made for someone else. The people that were able to handle them were called: VR's (Vision Riders) due to the fact that they could feel and (rarely) could see what the Battle Suit could see, VR's started popping up all over space (they were something along the lines of "Newtypes" from "Gundam" alitte). Once after the VR's were paired with their Battle Suits the war to peace started...

[Known is now talking about his childhood] I was born during this time period and lived on a B.S (Battle Suit) base due to the fact my father was a Lab Scientist working on a new project for the G-System (Year: 3897 DA). I always looked up to my father since he was helping making space (the human race new homeland) a better place, I wanted to be just like him so I studied Battle Suits and Zone-7 (parts all over space which the G-System gains it's power from, pretty much compression space but with a soiled form) so I could help him out one of these days! But that dream was quickly ended when people from "Visalia" attack our Colony and started killing everyone in the G-System lab, I watch as my father died right in front of me... Out of pure rage I run to a room my father showed me where "Project G-07 Nero" was being held, I knew that the Battle Suit wouldn't accept me but I blow up the door leading to G-07 calling my mother on my VP (Video Phone) praying she was safe. I started to get worried about her when she didn't answer, but was I too full of rage and pride to turn back, after five minutes of running and hearing bombs go off with people yelling for help I reach G-07 Nero. I opened the cockpit and jumped inside banging out the control to work, [Known:] "Come you piece of s**t, WORK!! I need you to start up! Come on... I want them to suffer for what they did.." Just then G-07 command screen popped up reading: "Do you want my power, the power to kill anyone and everyone that messes with you?" I looked up reading the screen as I wipe the tears from my yelling, [Known:] "Yes, I want enough power to make the people who killed my father to suffer!! I Want To Show Them True Power Of The G-System And Make Them All Suffer, G-07 Nero!!!" Just as I finish yelling G-07 cockpit shut and a spiked metal spinal cord come out from behind and painfully attached itself to my back, (to this day I never felt such pain like that before), I was shocked to find out after awake from the pain that I was an VR's. I could see what G-07 Nero could see, I could feel what G-07 could feel, and I felt the power pumping into my blood and heart. I smiled from all power I had rush into my body and grabbed G-07 controls, [Known:] "Take Off, G-07 Nero, Let's Show Them Our Great Power And Make Them Pay For Attacking This Colony!!!"