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Deluded teenage amateur singers
Have you noticed how many teenage girls have directed their goals to some singing career?

There's plenty of them all over the country and other countries who have decided early to become singers, and honestly with the people I've seen sing, I think it's a dumb idea. I'll go to the school environment here..girls, mostly deluded, at my hellish school singing, feel as if they're amazing their peers with their singing abilities, when I'm here with my "what the hell" face fixed on perfectly. No they're not amazing, there's nothing new it's that same popstar-ish teeny voice or loud black girl voice, substituting volume for skill, and it isn't hard to tell they're struggling to muster out an acceptable voice for the audience, then they're showered with praise from their coequals. I'm the only one in the crowd dissatisfied, and if you dare, and I'mean if you really ******** DARE -- give a proper critical evaluation of their singing capability, you'll be locked in a hell full of angry girls (including their friends) scolding you about how rude you are and how you probably can't do better.

I've heard plenty of girls sing and they're all ******** annoying, and there's an interesting tendency for them to always be some delusional girl (always 13-18 years old) who thinks they'll make it somewhere with their voice. The harsh reality is that maybe they'll be starred somewhere may it be ******** America's Got Talent or whatever that show is, but that will most likely be their only portion of fame.

Half of the time it's cuz they don't know s**t about going professional for it which will actually get you into something; it's always some teenage girl videotaping herself singing in her room. They don't know any other supporting tactics in order to get their face out there.
My older sister strives to be a professional singer, and she's actually doing stuff that will actually get her there. She's got skill on impression, she's truly good at singing, she knows how to READ music, she's identified her vocal range, done lessons, she doesn't have stage fright (proven by how she sings in public all the time (yeah it gets annoying at times js)), she writes her own scheiße, and she's getting connected with the right people and is getting her face out there. There's more to it than looking cute for the camera and winging it. Yeah there's famous singers who sound bad, that is most certainly true, however I'm talking about becoming an actual singer.

For the record this could all go for guys too, but it's frequently adolescent girls romanticizing their dreams or fastened in a fantasy full of false admiration. Heyyooooo alliteration there!

Now, though I'm not the most flexible at this stuff, but it's not hard to realize when someone wants to become something big like this, they're gonna have to do more than only record themselves with their webcam and post it on Youtube.

Everyone's a singer now, and if you're relying on the slim chances of getting millions of hits on your channel from only singing, I'm gonna have high doubts of you reaching your goal.