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Edel Blau's Writings

Name: Madison Williams
Country of: Canada
Opposite to: Madeline Williams
Second Largest Country in the World
Made Up of 10 Provinces and 3 Territories
Capital: Ottawa, Ontario
Height: 5'9
Age: 140-something.
Looks about: 21
Currently lives: Kensington, Prince Edward Island
SO: Pansexual
Major crushes on: Samus/Ayla/sometimes Gorya (2p Make!Ukraine)/other video game characters
Status: Somewhat taken, willing to have more
Likes: Relations of the intimate nature, gaming, horror media, magick, gaming, ******** gaming
Differences to her opposite: Straightened hair, more matured body (bustier, curvier), blue eyes,(at times; they seem to constantly change; either that or she has contacts) slightly taller (AKA, not too many differences between the two of them).

At first glance Madison does not look different from Madeline in the least, save for some tweaks to the body and purely straightened hair. Even behind the looks she isn't too far from being similar to Madeline. Upon first meeting someone Maddie is quite a quiet and reserved being - also alike to Madeline, her quiet nature soon starts to dissipate the second that she truly gets to know someone. It is here where the differences soon start to leave.
As the normal Canada is seen as quite sullen and depressed due to being ignored, Madison is surprisingly cheerful and positive (to a degree). She enjoys looking on the bright side of things and enjoying whatever she can in life, laughing often (though it's often to black comedy) and smiling all the more (though it's often at the expense of others) despite being able to show off the fact that she is a 2P country.
Like the others, she can be considerably violent; though it's usually only towards one or two people. She loves to casually throw insults around to the point where it's second nature to call anyone a nerd. It seems to be her favourite of any insult.
She doesn't care all much for her Kumarie, who's a whiny, fearful little polar bear, one that often is found hiding somewhere in her house.
Madison is a complete and utter nymphomaniac. Unlike Madeline she's rather oblivious to when someone's making a move on her (thus she doesn't get embarrassed like her normal counterpart) but when she does notice she's not afraid to have her way with anyone who's willing.
When it comes to her looks she often suddenly will become self conscious and actually somewhat depressed if she purposely shows off her body...to no results. To her credit she only cares if one or two people respond; and if those people don't respond at all, she gets too down for her own good.
Of the only solid similarity, she still loves animals to death. Sometimes literally. When younger she had a tendency to accidentally kill any of the pets that Frankie or Oliver handed over to her. By accident, of course.

CIoaca Mahoney
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CIoaca Mahoney
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