At long last I have finally managed to make an appointment for the Writing Center here on campus! The only thing is it is just a few hours before my class when I have to turn my paper in. Well, at least I shall obtain the little blue slip of paper that will provide me with an additional ten points on my paper. I am finally almost done with this paper. It will be another mission accomplished here in college! Whoo!

The next couple of days I am going to be pretty busy. I have an appointment in the morning tomorrow and on Thursday and I have to mail out a package for my friend's birthday. Man, I feel so bad. I've been holding onto it since January. At first I didn't know where I could mail the package, but I eventually found it. Unfortunately, I tried to mail it today, but apparently the place closes at 2:45pm. So I am going to take my package with me to my appointment so that I can ensure that it shall be mailed out.

Oh! I almost forgot to add that I am volunteering at a language day celebration on campus. I'm kinda nervous 'cause I don't know what I am supposed to do yet and I'm hoping they won't have me speaking too much in different languages since I am still in the process of learning the language. Well, I'll just have to wait and see.

Signing off,
Captain Zetallia