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Dear Diary,

Well, I finally made it back home... in a sewer. Not exactly something fancy. And yet oddly enough - not as bad as the cesspool I was in the Cinderella universe when I was stuck with step relatives.

The others made it back safely of course which is a relief...

Raphael was still trying to get the cuteness of fairy tales out of his system. Donatello kept going on how the original version of the story was a bit more grim... which in turn made Raphael listen with full attention. Yuck. And Mikey is being all high and mighty because he played a big role for me. ...then again, he did play a big role for me in reality. He was the one that found me and gave me a name of course... and also is my very first friend.

...I probably should ask Donatello to lock this book up in case someone else could get stuck in this. Or worse - it could end up falling into the wrong hands of someone malicious...

Oh yes. And as for Leonardo...

-briefly stops writing-

"Oh, hello Leonardo."

"Hey there, NiNi. Are you... doing alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. ...that was quite the ordeal wasn't it?"


"Well, at least it all worked out in the end."

The female turtle glances over as she notices the male turtle extends his hand out to her.


"I believe you still owe me a dance. You left rather abruptly," he smiles.

"...just... give me a moment."

The female turtle turns back to her journal and continues writing.

Let's make this quick.

Through my I experience, I learned that sometimes you don't have to go looking for prince charming like in the fairy tale books... sometimes you might find a "prince charming" right there in front of you...

Also, I don't need a story to play everything out for me. I create my own beginning, middle, and end.


NiNi then closes up her book and takes hold of Leo's hand.

" can be so corny sometimes..." she smiles.

"I aim to please."


*It's times like these I wish there was a TMNT theme that is made into music box format... because this is what I would have added to the ending of this entry as they dance. XD*