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Saiyu Yukichi here!
Hey Guys! This is my first time actually sharing something with Calypso that she actually wanted to do. So Hello, I'm Saiyu. o u o I'm a nice person but at time I can get a little bratty and I'm sorry if you ever see that! I meet Calypso actually another Online social media site and I have to was awkward.

As time progressed, I found myself actually enjoy this girl. She helped me through the thick and thin and I can't ever repay her for all of that but just be there for her and still help her through the times. Only once in a lifetime you find a friend like that who is willing to deal with your ups and downs.

So if you Calypso are reading this, thanks for letting me and you share this wonderful account and letting our friendship show in another way. I'm so honored to have you with me.

Anyone who wants to get to know me, please message me and I will respond. Just please put in a little smilies/icon_heart.gif in the message knowing its for me. Thankies!

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