sora wonk
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I spent the past two hours fellating my pen as I tried to remember if PKA had an allosteric interaction with anything. I knew AK did and PFK and hemoglobin of course but PKA? At one point I was kind of moving my pen in and out before I realized what I was doing. It is wet to the halfway point. smilies/icon_4laugh.gif

If I get this exam back, I wanna show you. The girl next to me called the TA over ten times trying to clarify the questions. Well anyway, I'm done.

I paid my rent til July. Classes are over. I have the afternoon off and go back to work full time tomorrow at 8 AM. Beautiful. This is adulthood.

Walking in, I saw a guy sitting on the mezzanine, scraping his aluminum takeout bowl and bringing up to his mouth a couple grains of fried rice balanced on a white plastic fork. Eyelashes downcast. Nibbling. The whole thing was so delicate and dainty, I was like damn, that's cute and then I facepalmed really hard because no, and now I am here and very tired.