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Raven's requiem parallel sortie induced Vocation a exact benediction
the cake is delicious
even if it could be poisoned it taste lovely
this cake is my best friend and it's in my tummy now so we can never be apart

the rain has stopped it was the fastest storm there were only three thunder strikes and it lasted about eight minutes

I find myself standing around in towns with my sister
a bit surprised that I find out I am approved it should mean a lot to me
I talk to her about my problem my confusion the things on my mind I must get to the bottom of this mystery sisters know best I'm so glad she's there to talk to me , even though she's like a major stalker every time I idle in towns she appears

said goodnight to one of the cold people in my little life
surprised he's still online , probably hanging out with his friends ... he's lucky enough to have some sure most of you consider yourselves my friend but you guys have to bug me more not about your problems but about my problems I'm never gonna be fine or okay I have a horrible choice to make

I'm super attracted to Asian women , something is wrong with me , she can't contact me but when she can she wants to be very affectionate I don't work well with affectionate even though I'm a love and romance type a person to much affection just makes me think you wanna have sex , no affection just tells me you hate me blob Asian chick has super cute face and knows how to draw D: wonder if this will lead to cam chats cause she's such a must see'

played aram today took a zac was the easiest match ever
did some team builders with jungle ashe on team and won 3/5 of those
got back on and had to deal with a bunch of braum
oh and during this time I ignored all pms and gaia for about 82 minutes

started raining again and I've been off imvu for a while after all my friends betrayed me I have no where else go grr yes hurt I should be asleep thinking about her

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