Althaea Frutex
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No. 003

May 11, 2o14

Prompt: New Furniture

(In which I regret going to college. Based more on my friend’s experience than my own.)

I gave a loud huff as I cleared the stairs to the second floor. My mother, concerned with shopping, gave me a sidelong look as she passed. The fluorescent lights reflected off the half cement-esque floor. I groaned, wishing that I picked a closer college than the one I was going to. Then I woudn’t’ve been concerned with shopping for furniture and whatever doodads that I needed to live away from home.
“Am I getting a rice cooker?” I ask suddenly, startling my mom from her perusal of ducky-printed shower curtains.
“Of course,” she replies, setting down a curtain that looked like Elmo and Big Bird dancing and moving on towards the pots and pans. She picks up a large, ominous one that could have been used by Princess Peach in Super Smash Brothers, “You can use the little one in the garage.”
Needless to say, I was a tiny bit concerned when we left Ikea with a pack of candles and a lamp.
My mother’s reasoning was, “They’re too expensive and we don’t know which dorm you’re getting and who your dorm partner is.”
At least my dad will be happy. We got him the cinnamon buns.