worried for my future
i care too little and i'm almost positive it's going to affect me sooner or later
i don't know if i'm going to have a happy future
school means nothing to me, and it should, but i struggle to force myself to care
you can't lie to yourself about your feelings, after all
i live life hoping for the best, always having an optimistic view, but deep down i know my outcome looks grim
but even that doesn't help me convince myself to put in any effort
there are few things i truly care about, some obvious, some not so obvious
it find it unfortunate when people don't believe me when i tell them i care about them, but i can't blame them for doubting it
i live a careless life with the expectation of a positive outcome
i truly am an idiot; an idiot with intelligence i refuse to use on any academic content, despite knowing it would improve my reputation with both my friends and more importantly my family
but i just don't care
i will probably never care enough
when i do care i care far too much, and it grossly affects my thinking
i wonder what my problem is
i wish i worried more