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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
Why You Should Be Boycotting Disney Star Wars
An important piece of a long, informational, and ranting piece I put up on facebook I deem worthy of putting up here, too.

"So, back to Star Wars...

It has some NWO propaganda in it, but not at the levels of today, no. And, it's simultaneously anti-NWO. And, there's people out there with footage of George Lucas saying, long ago, that it's supposed to be. That is an intentional point of Star Wars.
The Galactic Empire, and Sith in Star Wars represent NWO, and NWO type people.
That's why the infowarriors' Alex Jones leader often turns to Star Wars quotes, references, examples, music, etc. Because they ARE the Rebels in Star Wars in real life, quite literally. Well, they're part of it, anyways. They combat propaganda, they don't do literal battles. Interestingly different from those movies...
Anyways, so... Who owns Star Wars now? The empire! NWO. NWO now owns it, profits off it, and is going to make the next trilogy unless someone with the power to do so does something to stop it.
I guarantee you! Nothing good will come of a Star Wars movie made by NWO themselves! And, that is what you're going to get! Unless it's stopped.
There is going to be something awful, rotten, and putrid about what they put out, and it's already stinking, what fumes come from that kitchen!
This is why I'm boycotting Disney, and their Star Wars creations.
And, my boycott of Disney is permanent. They are done. They will get no more chances. They've touched Star Wars. That crosses a line.
This is literally; think it if you will; try, and imagine it... The Separatists put out a movie that is anti-Galactic-Empire! And, it inspired the Rebellion after the Rise Of The Empire officially occurred! And, it's a huge hit that inspires right over wrong, resistance, hope, etc.! And, it's creator sells it to Darth Vader from nowhere for no apparent reason. (Okay, if that in itself doesn't raise red flags, wow! You're living heavily under the Empire's boot!) And, Darth Vader's going to make a sequel! WTF do you think the sequel's going to be? It isn't going to be something fans of that movie like, that's for d**n sure! It's likely to either try to swing the tides, trying to convert you to being pro-Empire... Or, it's going to BASH the original film, and wreck it's franchise in an act of passionate loathing of it! So... WTF do you think they're going to do to Star Wars? Why do you think every smell from their kitchen for Star Wars is awful? They're not cooking up something good! That's for sure!

(If Hammil, Carrie, Harrison, or George Lucas himself die during the filming of a Disney Star Wars, or not long after, I'm going to be p**sed, and I'm going to know it was assassination to sabotage efforts anyone might make to redo Star Wars continuation after Disney's c**pfest. And, they clearly have access to three of these people from their participation in the movies in question. Their lives are in danger.)"

For Gaia, I did a kind of bleeping of the few "curse words" in it.

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