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Notes and Scribbles~
All the things I'd like to write. Feel free to read anytime, and I try to update when I can~ though sometimes I'll have more or less to say, but that's okay isn't it?
a creeper DX
yes. exactly as the title says. a creeper ; n ;

so last night, or, well, technically today, at around 1 am, i was still up doing hw, being the procrastinator that i am =w=; and then since i was getting a paper that was over to the left, i also ended up looking out the window. since its dark outside, and its 1 am, well, technically it was around 12:40-ish? but still. you wouldnt expect anything to be out there right?.... gawd i swear... x.x creepiest thing ever.

coincidentally, earlier that same day, i was asked by one of my friends what my biggest fear was. i didnt know how to answer since i dont think about fear a lot and im usually just cozy and kinda feel safe. well then... now i have an answer. =.=; i havent gotten that scared in a while but last night was just... D; idk how i even fell asleep and stuff. just... ugh DX

so onwards to the actual topic that i intended to write about... back to the papers. so i was getting a paper and then i look out the window. normally, theres nothing there. just dark. quiet. safe. but then, this time, guess what i see? some creeper/ neighbor/ adult/ person that idk but he was staring in through my window. i was like OH GAWD ; A ; (in my head, i actually didnt make a single sound) -jumps back and cries inside- like i literally just jumped back. and then the supposed creeper walks off. im like... T^T -huggles the only friend thats online and talking to me atm- it. was. scary. af. D; after that im like NOPE not looking over there again DX -starts doing hw and acting "normally" in case im being watched-

and then, out of my mind's simple stupidity, i look over again. yes, to the window. idk why. DX i just assumed "hey five/ ten/ however minutes has passed by, maybe its safe to look out the window again." well guess what... its not D; omfg i swear. i think i just died inside when i saw that creeper staring again. he wasnt in the same spot, but a few feet further to the side. still fcking scary though DX i ended up jumping back and crying inside again. how do you describe it... its like in those horror movies or whatever when theres a person looking in the mirror and a ghost or demon suddenly pops up on the other side staring at you. freaking scary. and then i never looked at the window for the rest of the night...

so then just a while ago, since i returned from school, i looked out the window. again. thank fcking goodness there wasnt anybody creepily close to the window and staring in. so then i just looked at the curtain, which only covered half of the window (and always has), and looked at the extra length of cloth that falls on my bed. surprisingly, the extra cloth actually goes a long way, even though it didnt look like it. so i just hung it up across the other half of the window. problem solved. now creeper can't see me, and if i look over to the side (which im still kinda scared to do), i cant see creeper. everythings good now. not really. theres still a scar in my mind. what kinda person is still awake at 1 am and then is walking outside, staring in on someone elses window? o.e wtf. i dont even... =.=

well anyways, hopefully that wont happen again. it better not.

and after that incident, i asked my friend what his favorite color was. good thing i had the color in pen. so i decided that i was gonna draw him on myself too. i already had one of my friends, who is a panda on my wrist, with me, but i wanted to draw him too. and that way, ill always have them with me ;w; or at least, until the ink dies out. but when that happens, i just trace over it and revive it again.

anyways, i wrote too much. so much ranting. DX sorry x.x anyways, cya all later =w=;

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