Erza The Dancing Demon
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Weee! I'm a fairy fox! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif Look at my avi!!! Isn't it cool? smilies/icon_4laugh.gif All thanks to this guy I met in town. He has a really cool avi! He's a character from Kingdom Hearts called Riku, and I love Kingdom Hearts! smilies/icon_xd.gif So I gave him a compliment, we started chatting, and it turns out he has a character from The Legend of Zelda too! smilies/icon_eek.gif Now, The Legend of Zelda is a game that really means a lot to me. I mean, Hyrule became my home! So I told Riku about that, and then he gave me Navi! smilies/icon_xd.gif I was so happy when I received that present! But it didn't stop there! He also gave me those rainbow wings, my fox ears and tail, and a grunny. Don't I look cute now? smilies/icon_4laugh.gif Thank you Riku!!!

I gotta go now. Unfortunately, participation in real life is still required of me smilies/icon_crying.gif I'll be back though! smilies/icon_whee.gif