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Women’s Downfall:Ancient to Present-day Egypt
I don't expect everyone to indulge in reading about ancient Egypt like myself, first of all. I know ya'll have lives. Weelll, I started to read a lot about ancient Egypt when I figured out I'm Egyptian myself. I have some other in me, but I take a whole lot of pride in this for some reason. There were books and sites, everything to cover the vast history of Egypt. Why the ******** did you think they made the word Egyptology? I was like "lesdodisshit".

I was surprised when I began reading about the aspect of women and their rights and such, for they had more rights than usual in history. They could own land, they could begin cases, they shared many similarities with men in society. Though they didn't have as much (bummer..), I'd be alright with living at that time as a female -- I'd really prefer being higher on the hierarchy system, though. Nobody wants to be a damn slave..unless they were honored to be such. As long as we're all happy. I'm only a slave with kinky stuff..

Anywho, women could walk happily outside [any time!] without fear of being assaulted by some ********. There was no bullshit sharia law either, women could wear beautiful garbs and garments made of fine material, revealing shoulders, some of the legs, arms definitely (it's ********' hot in Egypt, of course arms.), and the FACE. Women could rise to the throne, there were about 7-8 female pharaohs. You go, girls.
This isn't exactly relative, but sex was awesome for the ancient Egyptians.
And homosexuality was even encouraged. Taking it would make you seem a little unmanly, though. They even buried each other with nipples and genitals for sex in the afterlife.

But Egypt today? And really any other Arabic nation or middle eastern country? Sex is a SIN, TABOO, DARK, showing skin is a SIN, if you got raped it was YOUR fault, women can't do s**t, women have to be sexually harassed each day, they have to fear walking outside. Take the article about the woman in Egypt wearing a niqab -- soldiers beat her outside. She wasn't wearing more layers of clothing under her niqab but a [cute] blue bra, jeans and shoes, as if the niqab wasn't enough. It made the headlines of course, and they demonized her and blamed her. "If she stayed at home in her niqab this wouldn't have happened," as if all women should just stay inside doing nothing wrapped in clothing? Let us ******** live, for Crowley's sake.
And get this: People blamed her for the BRA, as if it could be seen under her niqab. Blah blah, it's blue, it's her fault, she provoked this that blahahahah. Yeah they complained specifically about the colour of her bra.
That damned sharia law, too. Why can't people make their own decisions over clothing, beliefs, and what not? It was that [sharia law] too that contributed to the hate I got when I was a Muslim myself. For those who aren't wary of what the sharia law truly is, let me start off basic by saying if you stole something small you'd probably get your hand cut off.
Strips women of all their rights, gives the ability to deny a child education, honor killings are allowed, allows you to marry off your daughter to a guy 30 years older than her (and will probably beat and rape her every day), stone people w/ extra marital affairs, sell off women, force a hijab over a girl, list goes on. . . .

It makes you wonder how a civilization that had honored women more over other kingdoms and what not turned into such a churning s**t-hole.

I just wanted to vent a lot over this, it irritates me how there's assholes out there that feel as if establishing a primitive law that enforces the moral code of 4th century AD is better for all of us. MORALS HAVE CHANGED. Please ******** off with your s**t and let us advance. This isn't just Arabic countries but everywhere. Take your old archaic bullshit with you and leave.