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Starting at a new school tomorrow!
So excited but also I'm so nervous! I've been to the same school for 10 or 11 years and now I'm changing schools and I don't really know anyone at my new school and my first day is tomorrow and I'm so nervous! I just ughs my heart is pumping! I'm super happy I'm going to a new school but I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know if I'm even going to have friends :/ all the girls at my new school are super pretty and then there's me and I look like a tired potato who needs to put A LOT of make up on (I don't often wear make up I'm too lazy xD). I don't know if people are going to treat me differently because I don't wear makeup or if they're gonna bully me and stuff because I hear about it all the time and I'm just like smilies/icon_surprised.gif (I've never been bullied). I've had it pretty easy and everything has always pretty much been the same and this is going to be a massive change. I guess change is good but it doesn't stop me from getting really super nervous. I honestly just don't want to get bullied heaps at my new school and I want at least 1 new friend. I hope I get to learn for a change smilies/icon_razz.gif At my old school we would barely learn anything and it would be super boring 'cause in class we would just sit around doing nothing all day it was more like a waste of time so I'm actually really looking forward to learning and hopefully it's not too hard! After like a year or two of not learning hopefully I'm not too far behind or too stupid. I remember I had to do tests and I did them fairly quickly but I don't know how well I did. I also have to have meetings on my first day it's like I'm going to a new school and I'm already in trouble smilies/icon_surprised.gif (I'm not it just feels like it.) I also have a uniform which I never had before but my uniform is awesome! It's all black! BEST UNIFORM EVER! Hahaha I look alright in my uniform surprisingly :3. I've always wanted a uniform because I always thought they looked so awesome compared to not having a uniform!
But meh this is my update for today =^.^= btw I don't normally update during the weekend only on weekdays (Australia time zone)