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Haunted Landmarks to go to
Some may be potentially haunted, though I've seen many people speak of their own experiences at these locations and I've read of their histories, which usually are composed of malevolent events. These won't go in any ranking order we GOOOOO:

#1: Bobby Mackey's Music World
This place has to be one of the darkest places on Earth. The dark sacrificial ritual involving the beheading of a young woman that took place there definitely makes up a portion of the bloodspill of history there. The Ghost Adventures crew took their time to lock down there and found nasty EVPs and noises, crying and growls. Growls, being demonic entities potentially. One can be said to be completely different after visiting there, like in Nick's situation.

#2: Pennhurst Asylum
Definitely one of the saddest places ever. Pinpointed in Pennsylvania, this is an abandoned asylum that was once for the insane. Lots of abuse by nurses, doctors and probably even patients against each other. The building had poor and indigent conditions and inhumane medical treatments, and there's supposedly plenty of voices echoing through the desolate dilapidated halls. Wheelchairs remain still (maybe) and papers and tattered documents litter the floors; graffiti adorns the walls, w/ smashed out windows and overgrown grass embellishing the outer proximity of the eerie building.

#3: Alcatraz Prison
This forsaken structure was built for the sole purpose of keeping some of the baddest ******** in captivity, maybe for years or for the rest of their natural lives. It's located in the San Francisco Bay, created within a body of freezing cold water, and I believe tours are offered there. Some have had their own paranormal experiences, maybe I could have my own there. If not, then it'd still be cool to visit this extreme landmark.

#4: O'Connor's Irish Pub

This location's probably the most accessible for me, since it's appx. 0.4 miles from where I am, f** ye.
Anyways, shadowy figures and unexplained noises such as footsteps have been reported to be seen or heard there, especially within the kitchen area.

#5: Lewis and Clark Park
Again, I'm lucky to be near this place too. Feelings of sickness and such have been reported when one sets foot on the zone. I wanna try this one 'cuz really, the history of Lewis and Clark is pretty cool, and on the paranormal portion I've heard of people getting sick and nauseous from certain locations like this. How 'bout I give it a shot.

There's prolly many more places, but they aren't coming to mind 'cept Willowbrook. If you dunno' it's an abandoned asylum like Pennhurst, with the same nasty conditions and what not. It's been documented on tape as well in the report Geraldo Rivera did over it.
He's a [******** idiot, sadly.

Going to go watch some Ghost Adventures now, later angels.