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Time Flies
Okay, so if there are people following this I am so sorry for the sudden drop off the planet. I am doing great by the way in weight wise. Though eating habits and tracking everything down has become a great challenge and to let you visualize it; I was very surprised at my tiny loses in the past two weeks. I am finally down six pounds, as I have said the eating habits I am trying to destroy has been very hard. It also does not help that I work in the fast food industry and going to college on top of that. Then there is the fact that I am now being the one in charge and there are some people that just don't want to listen to me even after telling me that I am in charge. Anyways, again I am sorry that I have left people hanging. I have been under stress with the fact that finals are coming up and I am failing one of my classes and wondering if I am going to even pass the finals. So I have been in a grumpy mood and I find that being healthy is not a priority when I have to study like mad and finish all my homework so I have nothing to worry about tomorrow and just spend the whole day studying.