Uka Yukeno
Community Member
I Want
I want someone, need someone
To know that I'm real.
I want them to actually
Care about how I feel.

I want to stop hiding
In closets, in the dark.
I want to be with people
without falling apart.

I want to have friends
Who are actually there.
And feel like there are
Humans who care.

But that's silly, you know.
Because this is a planet of lies.
Everyone cares about no one
Except, of course, their own desires.

A place of lies, a place of death.
A place of lots of blood and lots of fears.
A place that makes you run
And cry crimson tears.

If only, if only this place was different.
A world of real emotions and feelings.
That everything would work out
If every one said what they mean.

Sadness doesn't go away. Pain demands to be felt.