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Misophonia:My wonderful Problem
I really thought I didn't inherit anything like disorders from my mom's side (where majority of the crazy lingers in the family). I then had noticed some things a few times. I get a bit OCD here and there but I guess that's with everyone, though I don't have it legitimately. I have Misophonia, however.
I suppose this could fall into the collection of disorders and what not that are thought to be normal with everyone per say Bipolar disorder, like the 13 year old emo faggots here who diagnose themselves with it. THAT ISN'T BIPOLAR DISORDER. BY THE WAY.
However this "Misophonia" is separated from the fact that everyone's bothered with annoying sounds, by the fact that it doesn't just annoy us -- it sends us into a blood-boiling rage. Let me remind you that Misophonia is translated into "hatred of sound". I'm sure you could figure out the rest of this but I'll go on, 'cuz it's 1:22 in the morning and I'm bored.
The noise can be as small as the sound of someone making a soft cough or sneeze, sniffing or blowing their nose, chewing normally, talking, whispering sounds, laughing, and even breathing LOL. It triggers a hatred for that person and a lust to ******** that b***h up.
Just the normal ambient sounds produced by people every day. Yes it makes people hard to cope with, and yes it makes me want to straddle them and beat them up.

Of course there's no remedy of any sort besides practicing the art of ignoring people. Sometimes it works -- when I don't even realize it. If you read one of my last entries you probably remember me mentioning a girl behind me in English class who doesn't shut the ******** up with those sounds. I really think she's naturally sick all the time, tbh..
I doze off and even forget she's there. I wish I could just do that spontaneously, but as soon as I realize I was off in the wonderful land of Mars, I dread the rest 45 minutes of class listening to a fat b***h teach us s**t we know, read super deep poems (while emphasizing s**t to sound more poetic), ask the biggest idiots in class to explain them, and be forced to stare at her broken zipper on her jeans or her I'm-gonna-break-off-any-second button on her cover-up, mixed with Desi (yes I'm using names)'s bullshit-noise to form a good blend of a soundwave hell.
So yeah. Every day is a bit harder because of this, and I'm surprised I haven't turned to that particular person and asked "will you sever your ******** larynx and shut up?". Personally I call that an achievement.
I think some underrated research foundation is still checking up on this; it's safe to assume they haven't come up with much yet, however.

Yeeahh. Wish me luck. I have 20 or so days of school left so I'll be doing my best to put up with this.